• Where can I play the classic edition online? Can I buy the video game edition?

  • Not necessary to buy the game, TripleA is free, as is Abattlemap.
    But there are not many classic players in the TripleA lobbies, except from custom mods, it’s either Revised, or AA50 or AA42. But if you’re lucky, you might find someone (in the TripleA stable lobby) who wants to play classic.

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    Haven’t been to the TripleA Stable lobby in a while, but from my memory there was always at least one game of Classic going.

    Also check out AAWC (google Axis and Allies World Club).

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    Try this site - in the Play Boardgames section.  (Or looking for games, there are a couple places).  Like he said, ABattlemap has Classic.  I haven’t played Classic online yet, but would probably be willing to, so I’m sure there are others…

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