First Time Poster- What Bids in tournaments for RR and where to play online

  • Hey guys first time poster here.

    Ive been playing this game for years and recently started doing the bid and I feel the axis wins with a bid of 3 bc germany takes egypt and then most or all of africa.  I can’t imagine losing with a bid of 8-10.

    We have tried the IC in SA India Russia holding Karelia, Russia retreating with the AA and America and UK bombing it when germany takes it.

    US only using the shuck shuck.

    Maybe my first moves are weak or something along those lines but I feel germany gets too strong.  I would love to play someone with a 8-10 dollar bid.

    Also, Where can I play this game online (I dont want to do emails I want to see the board etc and don’t care if I have to buy it).  Is there enough people online that would play with me?

    Your response is appreciated

  • For online play I recommend TripleA. You won’t get many games with TripleA on these forums playing Classic but I could play a game or two against you.

    You’ll have to download the maps for TripleA by posting links like this one into the bar (click Download Maps). This one is is a good place to start and has the major A&A games listed as WWII version x.

    Now, I haven’t played an actual game of Classic but am a strong Revised player and shouldn’t be a total pushover in Classic. If you do want to play, I’ll give you a bid of 9 because that’s in the range you wanted. I have a feeling it’s actually low(unless we’re still playing RR). Since you don’t want to play by email and setting up a live game could be tricky, we have to play by forum. We would use the in house dice for all battles and attach the game file. We’ll have to use the edit mode to change the results of battles to reflect those of the forum dice. Are you up for it?

  • Dan,

    Hey thanks for the info that sounds great.  Ill try to figure out how to work this.  My email is lfrank87  at  if you have gmail we can just chat through gmail to do this.  I may need a little help in figuring this out.

    I couldn’t find the link for the classic or second edition map.  Is it named something else?

    I do play RR and no tech so if you want to give me 6-8 ill take it.  but shoot me an email because I check that all the time.

  • I shot you an email, I hope I put it in right and you just haven’t gotten to it yet. I sent it to

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