A couple of questions..

  • I came across the 4 tanks from a starter while looking for something else. I now remember buying a starter set, over a year ago. It was the box with the minis in blister packaging on the outside front of the box. So somewhere I have the rest of the set, I think.

    Is that the most current starter set, with the most current rules? Reason I ask is that there’s a different looking starter set on the Wizards A&AM site.

    If not, what’s the item # for a new set, or rules?

    I’ve posted these question on 2 other forums, sorry for the cross posting, but hoping to get answers soon as I might get to do some shopping today.


  • I believe that was the new starter, after they re-released the set with a consistent (and larger) vehicle scale.  There has since been several releases for the various theaters, and WotC relased new revised unit stats on PDF as well.


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