Solving the biggest problem: an army with all types of units

  • Lets face it guys: some players prefer tanks and these are the only land units they buy. Other prefer infantry.

    Talking about naval units some players buy only submarines, other only battleships.

    Consequence: a players army has only some types of units.

    That´s not real.

    A possible solution is to give bonus to variety. For example an attack using all types of land units would recieve a bonus (a little bit like combining infantry with artillery in actual rules).

    A naval battle using all types of naval units would recieve a bonus.

    Combining naval and air units would recieve a bonus.

    Combining land and air units would recieve a bonus…

    This way we would be tended to use multiple types of units.

    Tnaks guys…

  • Razor like, and hey its not too late, we all mail Larry tonight and tell him to ditch the NO’s and instead give an Combined Arms bonus, al right man .

  • Larry has already covered this in the new AAP’40. Read this article on the front page of A&

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