San Francisco Bay Area/Central Valley California

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    I live on the eastern edge of the Bay Area in Livermore.

    I’m looking for A&A players in the Bay Area or Central Valley.  If anyone is interested, please contact me.

  • You ever find a group here in the bay?  I’d really be up for joining a regular group.

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    Hi Drake

    No not yet.  Sawtooth in Sacramento has invited me to join his group but It’s a little far for me to go there to play on a regular basis.

    Where are you located?  I’m in near Pleasanton.

  • Hellow i live right next door to you i live in Dublin i have a group of 4 people and would deff be intrested in a 5th player. hit me back if you are intrested i saw your post and had to make an account lol.

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    Hi Chaos

    Yes, I would be interested in playing with your group.  Please contact me by email.  It’s in my profile.  I also, sent you a pm.

    Black Fox

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