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    I was wondering how long does AA 50 take to play compared to AA Revised Edition?

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    If you are lucky and the gods of dice are with you 2-3 hours.

    In average I would say between 4 and 5 hours.

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    Thanks Bjergmose

    It usually takes me about 4 to 5 hours for the revised edition.  Since the AA 50 map has more zones, I thought it would take longer.

    I have been considering buying AA 50 but since I have a wife and 2 little kids it’s hard enough to get the time to play.  If it took too long, I would have a hard time finishing it.

  • It will depend on how fast you play one full rnd, most AA50 games don’t last longer than, about 6-8 rnds.

    If players are somewhat experienced, you can see which side will win. I have never achieved 13 VCs yet, nor have any of my opponents, b/c we can clearly see the winner before reaching a “technical” victory.

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    My experience is that the national objectives make AA50 a quicker game on average than Revised…early rolls determine alot and there is much less chance of stalemate.  An 8-round game is a fairly long one…I think it would be very rare for a game to go 10 rounds without one side or another having a definite edge.

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    Thanks guys

    I’ll give AA 50 a second look.

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