Field Command: Singapore 1942

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    Looks interesting, BBG has a review and some other pics.  Any thoughts from anyone who has played it?

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    I find it so funny that it is of such high quality and looks entirely professionally done and that nobody ever heard of this!

    Not to mention it is basically out for sale…

    I contacted them

  • looks very good

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    Yeah, I contacted them as well, no reply yet.  I was wondering if I should even post it because I figured such a game was probably already covered somewhere here… but I just couldn’t find anything.  So no one here has tried it out (or was able to purchase a copy before it became out of stock)?  It does look of high quality… never heard of the company or designer(s) though.

    ADD: Found out a little more, but not much  :-(.  The infantry are the same size as A&A, the japanese Chi Ha tanks are slightly larger, much like M44, the british carrier is smaller than AnA tanks, but “by the look of it” (according to the person who owns a copy) it should be in scale as AnA tanks.  Wanting to get some other impression about the game’s dynamic though - the above info is from the person who wrote a very favourable review… but I always like to get alternate views ya know?  Again read the review of the game on BGG, I’m intrigued - they really didn’t publish much in regard to when it will again be in stock…

  • If and when you get more info please post it here as I am very interested.

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    If and when you get more info please post it here as I am very interested.

    Will do.

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    Hi Sir,
    Thank you for your interest.  We greatly appreciate it.

    If you are a customer based in Singapore, we do have a few retail outlets and more are coming online over the next week.  The list of stores are on our website.

    If you are a customer based outside of Singapore, please be updated that we are working hard to setup our international payment & shipping arrangements and I’ll keep you posted the moment we are ready to process your order.  This should be within the next week or so.

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    Yeah - I got the same form letter yesterday.

  • pretty much explains why nobody outside of Singapore never heard of it

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    Received this about the game:

    Dear International Customers,
    Thank you for your patience and your interest in a set of the “Field Command: Singapore 1942” board game.  Please see the attached files for details & images of the game.  The great news is that we are now ready to process international orders!

    The game is available to you at the launch price of USD84.90.  The usual price is USD89.90.

    Our shipping vendor is SingPost (i.e. Singapore Post), which is reliable and cost-effective.  The shipping costs (inclusive of fuel surcharge, packing material and handling) & times via Air Parcel are as follows:

    US  USD58.00  15 to 21 working days
    UK  USD58.00  12 to 17 working days
    Australia  USD49.00  11 to 15 working days

    There is no hidden cost.  The final cost you pay will be the sum of the game price and the shipping cost above.

    If you are from another location, pls reply to this email and we will advise you shortly of the shipping costs.

    The fulfillment process is as follows:

    1.  Reply to this email with the receipient’s name, order quantity and shipping address.  Please make sure the shipping address is clear and absolutely accurate.
    2.  We will then send you an email via PayPal for payment.
    3.  Click the link in the email to make payment via PayPal via numerous modes, including credit card.  A PayPal account is not needed.
    4.  Once payment is received, we will ship the item.
    5.  We will then send you an email to advise that the item has been shipped.

    As this is a new process, I would like to apologize in advance for any teething problems that may occur and hope again for your patience.

    Offer Price for Second Set
    As the Holiday Season is here, if you order a second set, we will offer a 5% discount on both sets (USD80.60 each) and we will absorb the incremental shipping cost.  This offer expires on 31 Dec 2009.

    Happy Gaming!  And Happy Holidays!

    Yik Lin
    Game Design & Project Lead
    tel:  +65-9656-7916
    fax:  +65-6323-3705

  • Viracocha -
    Thanks for the information!
    Thoes426 :evil:

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    I ordered 3 copies

  • If I read that right this game shipped to the US would cost $142.90 ($84.50+$58.00).
    If this is true I will wait for a review from someone.

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    If I read that right this game shipped to the US would cost $142.90 ($84.50+$58.00).
    If this is true I will wait for a review from someone.

    Hey BD - yeah, that’s the way I understood it as well (about the same price to ship to London)… I was thinking the same.  I have a closet full of lame games, I’ve become more selective over the years.  Hey IL, throw up a review (or three of them, one for each copy - eh eh eh) once you get your shipment.

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    I paid 308.00 USD for 3 copies including shipping to USA.

  • That sounds about right with the discount and waived shipping cost.

  • @Imperious:

    I paid 308.00 USD for 3 copies including shipping to USA.

    Did you get your copies yet?

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    No but i will post pics of the AA pieces next to them.

  • That will be glorious.

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    Well, what about the three reviews since you pointed out that you promptly ordered three copies… when are you posting those?  C’mon, get on it.

  • He hasn’t received them yet.

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    Yeah, I was just josh’in.  😛

  • I think they are on a slow boat from China.

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    not yet

  • I am itchin’ to hear the review of this game as the components look really good.

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