• I need a little help with a situation in a game I’m playing right now. I’m playing as Germany and Italy. Germany has radar and Italy doesn’t. My question is if I were to move a German A.A. gun into Italy and it is there without an Italian A.A. gun, would it be able to defend stratigic bombing attacks against Italy with it’s radar advantage?

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    Yes.  The AA gun would still belong to Germany (put a German control marker under it to denote that fact), so Germany’s Radar would still apply.  This would be true even if there’s an Italian AA gun there.  The rules simply say that only one AA gun may fire at a time.  They don’t say which one it has to be, so it’s up to the owning player(s).

    If Italy were to be captured by the Allies, the AA gun would then belong to the capturing power, so Radar would no longer apply to it (unless that power also has it).  If it were to then be liberated by the Axis, the AA gun would belong to Italy, and have no Radar enhancement (again, assuming Italy doesn’t have it also).

  • Any chance of making AA guns in each individual national color?

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    I would say there’s just about zero chance of that happening.

  • Well that’s not much of a chance is it?

  • @Brain:

    Any chance of making AA guns in each individual national color?

    Put a control marker under the German gun when it leave a territory under German control,

  • Yeah I know, I just thought it would be cool to have each nation with its own unique AA guns in their respective colors.

  • You’d have to talk to Field Marshal about that (color coded AA guns).

  • Did they already include those?

  • TripleA '12

    I like the idea of having AA Guns coloured the same as the controlling power but one might need quite a few of these peices. I’m cool with AA Guns remaining grey; that way there’s plenty for everyone.

    However, one modification that I made recently was to take a handful of guns from A&A Revised and paint them all bright red so as to denote them as rocket launchers when a power gains the Rockets tech! It helps people to notice that somebody has Rockets just by looking at the game board. Just swap all your grey AA Guns with red ones to show that you’ve just gained the tech. Works for me!

  • We used a red marker to paint the tips of some old AA guns to denote rockets. We did it mainly to remember you have rockets. It really sucks when you forget to fire them, it happens every now and again. You could also paint them another color to denote radar.

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