• In the last round of one-theater releases we saw Europe released two years before Pacific. In fact, Europe sold better than Pacific as I recall. Many of the new mechanics and units, such as tac bombers and mech-infantry will matter more in Europe than vice versa (especially the latter). The earlier 1940 scenario makes a bigger difference to the feeling and flavor of the game in Europe than in Pacfic. These games are supposedly going to be balanced for one another and designed to combine, thus Europe is probably largely designed already. So then, why is Pacific the first to be released? Certainly there is some logic behind this. I’m just curious if anyone knows exactly what the reasons are.

  • Take and MBA  course……you already answered the question, Europe will do better, therefore they need to swindle you into buying the game you will likely not want if you already had Europe to boost profits…Knowing you’ll be buying Europe anyway…Marketing!!! He who has an ear, let him hear!

  • Actually am planning on getting an MBA at some point… gotta finish my BA first though… haha.
    It might also make sense to put the more interesting one out there first. Then people will feel like they already own half and would want to complete the set.

  • I have several theories as to why they did pacific first. I think larry has a personal atachment to the pacific theatre because a realative served in the pacific. The pacific is a bit eaisier to plan out oo, with over half of the map being ocean, there being few neutrals, and other unique extremeties.

  • Somewhere in this forum, somebody mentioned that Larry did have a personal reason for making the Pacific game first.

  • I believe his father served in the Pacific & that his father fought at


    Hence he designed Axis and Allies Guadalcanal.

  • I hope that he designs Axis and Allies Midway. There is a battle that could have gone either way.

  • but wouldnt have decided who won the war

  • That could be argued for every battle in the war, so what is your point.

  • Maybe because December is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor?

  • Yeah the 68th anniversary of the sneak attack

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