• A two page rules change that adds some much needed flavor to A&A 50 with direct insperation from the community and the upcoming 1940 Editions of A&A…some key points

    Victory Cities have a puropose, and more are added!
    2 Hit Carriers!
    UK in the fight in the Pacific!
    Non-Agression Pact!
    2 Types of Factories!
    New Tech System!

    Overall, more theatre oriented…makes the game play like there are two different wars for the first 5 turns…japan has to stick to the pacific, fighting the serious threat of ANZAC forces and an India that can be resupplied. Germany and Italy have some new naval options with ports and Straights, more focus on russia…who doesnt have to worry about japan nearly as much. The US just cant KGF or KJF, they have to fight a balanced war…because the axis cant play Kill Russia First from the door.
    50 to 40.doc

  • Keep up the good work.

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