• I am a new player of2 A&A and I have not play any A&A before.
    I am going to buy the A&A1942,but I knew that this version has no IPC.
    So I has a  question to ask.I found some ICP that can print out for use in this forum,i want to know how much of ICP is enough?(1,5,10 seperately)Please help me to solve this question

  • I’d say that with 5-6 units of 5 IPCs you have enough, but just to ensure, print 10 of them

    1 IPC money is more difficult, proably at least 4 for each power, so I’d say 4 x 5 = 20 minimum, probably 30 to ensure

    Similar for 10 IPCs money. I’d say probably at least 4 for each power, just to ensure I’d say the same: 30

    1 and 10 are very used, probably twice or triple that 5, so I’d say amounts are:

    30 of 1
    10 of 5
    30 of 10

  • It’s better to just write your money down, especially if you’re playing one on one. It can get messy trying to keep IPC’s organized for all three allies. Writing income down is quicker and is evidence of purchases in case there are any disputes later. Our group stopped using money before 42 even came out because we realized the pointlessness of it.

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