Build UK and US turn 1 fighters?

  • Hello, i am Docpoh from Germany. I played A&A 6 times. Please accept my apologise if my vocabulary or grammer is wrong.


    My Question is: If Uk1 and US1 build fighters there will be 8 or possible more fighters in Moscow turn 3 for defense. Did anybody test it or played so?

    I know that the UK and US will lose one turn to make D-Day because only builted fighters. In our Games the Axis will kill Russia first. In my mind it is not bad.

    thx for your attention

  • Docpoh, Welcome to!

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    As far as building a lot of US and UK fighters, I believe that most players feel that Russia is strong enough to fend off Germany/Italy for the first 4 turns or so, especially if the UK is building a good-sized fleet with which to invade France or Germany.  So if you put those fighters on Russian soil, then they lose the +5 IPC NO.  Probably the only reason one should be reinforcing Moscow that early is if Germay is building all armor units.  Most of the people I’ve heard from, and my own opinion is that all armor builds from Germany in the first 2-3 rounds eventually loses one the game, because you end up trading armor units for infantry units and thereby losing IPCs.

  • Thank you for our help, Bardoly.

    Best regards from Germany

  • If Germany goes all armor, the Allies should be going for a very aggressive navy build in the Atlantic.  An Allies player that really pushes the pace can be making substantial threats on France and Germany by turn 3.  Even if Germany turtles on G3 and builds all defense, they will likely still lose France at the very least with such an aggressive build.  With Russia, you just need to play a little cautious.  I would recommend going defensive with your builds, and abandoning Karelia, pulling those units back to Archangel.  Even if you have to stack Moscow on R2 and leave Caucasus open, there’s no way that Germany can take Moscow on G3.  Once Germany starts having to play defense in France and Germany, Russia can start building tanks to push the unreinforced German line west.  It’s the beginning of the end for the Axis in Europe.

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