• Other than the superpowers game, does anyone know of a game with AA scale plastic pieces with modern day jet or helos? like osprey, UAV, etc?

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    Fortress America.

    Hover Tanks

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    A game similar to and/or inspired by Fortress America is The Sushi-Jalapeño War, by Xeno Games.  The  sculpt are a mix of modern and futuristic, and are about at the same quality level as the ones Xeno uses for its World War II games.  The nuclear mushroom clouds are the sculpts I like best.

    Some of the Table Tactics expansion sets use modern sculpts.

  • I am not sure but maybe Supremacy or Nuclear Armageddon which is very expensive.

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    I am not sure but maybe Supremacy or Nuclear Armageddon which is very expensive.

    Supremacy had some nicely detailed M-1 Abrams tanks, and also some ballistic missile submarines (“boomers”), but the remaining pieces were completely abstract shapes (except for the semi-abstract nuclear mushroom clouds, which were recognizable for what they were but otherwise looked a bit like tiny futuristic table lamps).  The colours of the plastic pieces are a bit too loud for my taste, except for the black tanks that were sold as one of the expansion packs.  I have a set of those tanks and they’re about two or three times the size of an A&A Sherman tank.

    Another game with modern pieces is Stratagame (http://boardgamegeek.com/image/491822), of which I have a copy.  I like some of the pieces but not others (notably the tanks and APCs, which have a round base under them), and here too I don’t much care for some of the colours.

  • Nuclear Armageddon link:


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    Another game with modern pieces is Stratagame (http://boardgamegeek.com/image/491822), of which I have a copy.  I like some of the pieces but not others (notably the tanks and APCs, which have a round base under them), and here too I don’t much care for some of the colours.

    I have never heard of this game. Figured that the site is closed

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    Table Tactics has modern tanks, jet fighters and helicopters, and molded in the Axis & Allies colours, and to the same scale more or less.

    Civilization put out by Eagle games also has modern pieces, but I forget what they provide.

    That carrier in Nuclear Armageddon looks nice.  How big are the ships in that game?

    How big are the ships in Supremancy, and in Stratagames?  Are they in scale with Axis & Allies?


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    How big are the ships in Supremancy, and in Stratagames?  Are they in scale with Axis & Allies?

    The only Supremacy pieces I have are the tanks, so I don’t know what size the submarines are.

    I’ll measure the Stratagame pieces this weekend and post the information, but as I recall the only pieces which are roughly on the same scale as the A&A sculpts are the ships.  The scale is a bit bigger, I think, but close enough to be fairly compatible.  The other pieces are much larger than the A&A ones.

  • I find this thread very interesting since lately I have been creating my own version of a modern day strategy game based on Axis and Allies. I’m using the AA 2nd edition pieces as my base and I’ve been scouring the net for additional pieces. Here is what I’ve discovered.

    The pieces by TableTactics are great. They are all to scale with the original AA pieces and come molded in the orignal five colours. You can even get them in some of the new colours (dark grey, creme and burnt orange).

    The New world Order set has M1 tanks, M113 APC’s, F16 style jets, attack copters and hovercraft.

    Central Powers (a WWI variant) has conventional artillery pieces (which are lacking if you are using AA 2nd edition as a base), and two types of ships; destroyers and cruisers. These ships both look rather modern as opposed to originating in WWI (they have squared off sterns just like modern frigates/destroyers/cruisers). The other pieces in this set are of marginal value; machine guns (too tactical to be considered in a grand strategy game) Mk4 style tanks (too dated looking) and halftracks (once again these look very WWIIish).

    Risk 2042 includes more M1 tanks and attack helicopters (these look the same as the ones in New World Order) a slightly different version of a hovercraft, scout cars (look like WWII armoured cars) and most importantly mobile artillery pieces.

    A & A accecories is of limited value as it includes a host of WWII themed pieces. Of interest may be the rockets (kinda look like V2’s) and the minefield pieces (I believe minefields are once again too tactical to be included in a grand strategy game however, these small disks could be used to represent ICBM or Anti-missile silo’s).

    Link - http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgamepublisher/2248

    The only pieces I can’t find are modern bombers (B-52’s) and modern subs (Los Angeles, Ohio’s).

  • Eagle Games’ Civilization game can provide modern infantry, towed artillery and really cool modern tanks. These pieces are all a bit larger than the standard AA pieces.

    Supremacy only ever had two expansions which added miniatures (the standard game comes with abstract cubes and oblongs). These expansions are Main Battle Tanks and Boombers. These pieces look great however they are also on the larger side (the tanks are 1" long and the boomers are 2 1/4" long). Rolco Games sells these pieces in a variety of colours.

    I also have Stratagame and the ships are just a tad shorter than the standard AA battleship piece. The rest of the pieces are on the larger side. The colours are very bright also.

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    After looking into Nuclear Armageddon on Boardgamegeek, it looks like getting a copy is only possible direct from the designer - and that others trying to get it have had not much luck, or poor results even when they got a game.

    Buyer beware on that one.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Supremacy pieces.  Strata games may be teh way to go, unless I want pewter - which I don’t.

    I was hoping Table Tactics would do modern ships, but it seems they haven’t done any new molds in years.


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    I measured my Stratagame pieces and here are the results.  The ship is 4.5 cm long, which is about the same size as an A&A American destroyer (the Stratagame ship being about 2 mm shorter and 2 mm wider).  The infantry piece is 2.4 cm high.  The artillery piece is 1.5 cm high.  The mechanized infantry piece (a somewhat fanciful-looking APC) is 2.7 cm long.  The light tank is 2.2 cm long and the heavy tank is 2.5 cm long, not counting the gun in either case.

    The pieces are made of hard plastic, which I generally prefer over soft plastic, but I find their overall design to be disappointing.  The pieces are more stylized than the A&A ones, with much less detail.  The head of the infantry piece for example is basically just a cylinder with a helmet on top, with only the faintest possible suggestion of a nose and eyes.  The ship looks reasonably okay from a distance, but from close up it’s a bit simplistic.  In terms of detail and realism the best sculpt is probably the artillery piece.

    At the time when Stratagame came out, the company which produced it had plans to publish a similar game set in ancient China, using Chinese junks and so forth as pieces.  Nothing seems to have come of those plans, and Stratagame itself doesn’t seem to be published anymore.

    I also checked out my Supremacy tanks, which are 2.8 cm long (3.2 cm with the gun), 1.5 cm wide and 1 cm high.  As Holden said, they’re a bit on the large size compared to A&A tanks but they look great.

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    We need an Axis & Allies type game that is WWIII with cool pieces.  A 70s/80s Nato vs Warsaw Pact or more modern.

  • You could keep an eye on Ebay and watch for the old Helen of Toy games known as
    Fighting  Ships and Task Force.I have these and they have nice modern ships.They go very well with my 1/3000 metal ships from Navwar/Denian.Although these games were designed
    in the late 50s/early 60s the ships are very modern.The CGN is very stealthy,roughly the size of the CVs that came out in the later AA games.The DDG is about the size of the later
    AA BBs,maybe bigger.The FF,not very modern but would work well in AA.The sub is smaller
    than the new AA subs,about the size of the classic sub,reminds me of the Barbel class or
    maybe the latest Dutch sub.The CV is HUGE,about 5 inch.Reminds me of a WW2 Lexington
    class with an angled flight deck.The CV/PT boat are out of scale with rest,the PT about half the size of the sub.The merchantmen/jets are AA like,pretty plain.
    These were sold in the old war comics of the 60s/70s,although I bought mine in the mid 80s.The rules were very simple,but I love the game pieces.I agree,a WW3/modern game
    would be great!

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    You might find pieces from Power useful:


    Dimensions (length):

    Armoured car - 2cm
    Tank - 3cm
    F16 - 3cm
    B52 - 4cm
    Destroyer - 5cm
    Battleship - 6cm
    Rocket - 7cm

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    except that that game is impossible to find. So it cannot help anybody as a source for “modern parts”

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    Well I’ve got two copies (the modern version), so you’re not looking hard enough…

    Maybe you mean the original version is hard to find, but the pieces from that are not as good judging by BGG pics.

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    Nice Geeklist:


    Mighty Empires is great for customising War of the Ring.

    Spanky chopper in Blood Feud.

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    Maybe you mean the original version is hard to find, but the pieces from that are not as good judging by BGG pics.

    I bought the original pieces back in 1981 after talking with the designer. I used them for my own AA game way back then. Yes i was housing AA even in 1981! I have 5 sets of these and they are terrible and not even in AA scale. But back then i never compared it too AA… these were just pieces for anything.

    The new game is not in print and very impossible to find.

  • Here is a picture of the old pieces. This is the version that I have

  • Definitely not as good as this version

    I didn’t even know there were 2 versions or I would have bought the new one

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    I have the first run of the game. MY board is definatly not as nice as yours.

    I got pieces in yellow, white, red, and grey.

    the smaller tank is almost in AA scale.

    the game plays like the Helen of toy games taskforce

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    My copies are of the 2nd version, otherwise I wouldn’t have recommended it.

    The pieces are in the primary colours: red, blue, green & yellow.

    Also the board is simpler, as you get a “console” for each player to store units, reserves etc:


    Also browsing around my collection I noticed these planes from Airways:


    Just wondered if people would prefer aircraft mounted on stands like this; you could have them on a peg that slotted into the stand or into a corresponding slot on a carrier.
    More expensive to produce, but gives a more imposing impression of air power.

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