• Any players who started using bids already?

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    you need an option for “not sure yet”

  • So far my biggest problem is the gutting of the british Med fleet, now the fleet off the coast of egypt is pretty irrelevent 1 DD or 1 CA doesnt matter its going to die. But the BB > CA conversion at gibralter is tough to take.

    Also the british and japanese transports that are alone should each have recieved a destroyer escort.

  • I only played 2 AA42 games yet….it’s just made available in TripleA unstable (with a few bugs…). So I wanted to know if there are any experienced players, for this game which is only 2 months old 🙂 who have discovered some new strats and tactics, which might differ from Revised.
    I should perhaps state a premise for the question, but the real balance for any A&A game is a 1vs1 experienced setting. Nothing wrong with multiplayer, but it is not as efficient as 1vs1, so the core balance must be seen in this perspective.

  • Actually i think the US should also get a destroyer on the east coast.

  • Still fresh in AA42, but after a few more games, I think it’s pretty even, actually, I voted for axis 6-9 bid, but now I don’t think it’s necessary. Or maybe just $3 for axis. Maybe even Russia could do with an extra inf!

    The difference from Revised is that allies is a turn behind when the game starts.

    Aggressive Germany and some good playing skills, will make a much weaker Russia than in Revised.
    Also, I think we need to learn the allied opening moves again…like classic and revised, and AA50, allies have always been harder to learn. Like how to deal with subs when you don’t have any DDs? 🙂

  • I think it’s pretty even. Many people thought axis bids were necessary in revised but I never did. I doubt they would now however. Germany can take out the UK Atlantic fleet round 1, the med fleet easier, and their subs can reek a lot more. havoc. Defenseless trans means Allies have to be slower getting to Europe. Japan benifits too, mainly from the cheaper AC. I love building a cruiser, dest, trans and 1 inf round 1.

  • I have played too few games and I agree with the fact that, at moment, I am still trying which strategies use with the Allies. I the games played, Axis won the majority of the games and the few games Allies won had seen some ugly rolling for Axis. Right now I am not using a bid, and I will start to consider a bid only when a soundly allied strategy will be found.

  • So this is in TripleA now?  Where at?  I’ve been trying to test strategies for AA42 by myself, but the transport rules and sub rules make that almost impossible).

  • TripleA 1.1.1 unstable has been released, you can get it here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/triplea/files/

    You may found the description here: http://triplea.sourceforge.net/mywiki/Forum#nabble-td4086205

    You may download the maps from here: http://sites.google.com/site/tripleaerniebommel/home/mods/maps-for-triplea-1-1-1-0

  • With 12 IPC bombers in germany that can strike anywhere, i’d say its even.

  • Id say that the axis, despite being down…26, give or take, do not need extra IPCs, though it wouldnt totally unbalance the game if they did. They just half to take advantage of things like the british being so spread out.

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