• I can’t seem to find a pdf of the Aug. 2009 version rules anywhere. Does anyone know if the 2009 version has the national advantages (special abilities for each nation) or the individual victory condition (to determine one winner as opposed to a team winning) of the 2004 version? Thanks.

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    Welcome, Kaboodle!

    The rules haven’t been posted on-line yet.  I’m not sure when they will be, but I hope it will be soon.  This version has neither National Advantages nor individual victory conditions.

  • Hi Krieghund,
    Thanks for the information. In your opinion, which version (Revised 2004 or Aug. 2009) would be better for new players? I’ve heard mixed reviews about both versions. The individual victory condition is important to us, but I guess we can just add that part if we get the 2009 version.
    Thanks again!

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    In my opinion, the new version is the better one.  However, I must warn you that I may be biased.

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    AA42 is much better than AAR. Better map, pieces, ideas. The only thing is those NA’s i kinda like that concept because it added some historical ideas. The other thing is the map is small. But the rules are very clear and understandable, unlike MB AA and Revised. This is written properly finally by somebody who understands AA games and not some goober working minimum wage for WOTC.

  • I guess I’ll by the 2009 version - thanks for the advice!

    One last question - do you see any problems for applying the individual victory rules in the 2004 version to the 2009 version? I think it puts a really interesting spin on the game and it’ll help me introduce the game to my Risk and Catan-playing friends.

  • AA1942 (the 2009 version) has some much needed small tweaks. These tweaks will reduce many “wtf” from the “logical” thinking new players.

    AA1942 s almost identicial to Anniversay edition. Krieghund has a table posted at BGG comparing Revised, LHTR, and Anniversay.

    Axis and Allies is a team game and quite different to Risk and Settlers of Catan. The latter being free for all with medium to heavy diplomacy. For what it is, I sugguest that individual victory rules should be tried only later.

    Your Catan friends may find the game long. Your Risk friends are probably seasoned long playtime players so no problems there. Either way you should play the minor victory mode in the first few games.

    I also wait eagerly for the AA1942 rules to be posted online.

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    I don’t see any problem applying the individual victory rules from Revised to 1942.  However, I agree with Tekkyy that it’s probably better done later on.  I also believe that the individual victory rules from Classic are better.  In those rules, the individual winner is the player that increases his/her IPC total by the highest percentage, rather than by the highest number.

    The spreadsheet comparing the Revised and Anniversary rules can be found here as well.  As Tekkyy mentioned, there are only very small differences between the Anniversary rules (though you also need to read the errata) and the 1942 rules, once you get past the absence of Italy and China as separate powers.

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