Variant: Duoble Starting Units / Double Money

  • Hi,

    Has anyone tried this variant. You start with double the units, and all territories have their IPC value doubled. When I was a kid, we did this all the time with Monopoly, and it makes for a more exciting game. After the Fall Tournament is finished, maybe I’ll try to get some people together to to play a PBEM game of this variation.

    I think besides the double starting units and double money, SBR should do 2 dice damage per bomber.

  • What about the heavies?

  • @Rommel34:

    What about the heavies?

    Good-point! Personally, I think 3 Dice for Hvy bombers in this variant would make the tech still useful, but not so overpowering as it can be in the original. I certainly don’t want them to have 6 dice! 😮 Although, I could see a reasonable argument being made for 4 dice.

    Sorry, I have no defininitive answer, but this variant has no playtesting experience yet.

  • put it this way

    if axis has 150 and allies have 225 the axis end up with 300 and allies with 450, making the power gap even larger, get it?

  • it’s a good idea and all, but maybe instead of doubling it you could just do 1 and a half times more so it won’t be so great a change. you’d round up or down for uneven numbers. (like 5 infantry X 1.5 would be 7 and a half or just 7). You may need a calculator handy for the 1.5 change though. And for the SBR’s should do 2 yes i agree on that, and heavies would continue to do 3. that’s my thoughts.

  • this would work, even though the allies would have a larger gap in money, the axis would start with 20 fighters, i still think that it might help the allies a bit too much since big battles would turn out differently. Maybe with a bid for axis.
    also i was thinking of a computer variation, where the units can be percentages. And no dice. For instance, a tank attacks an infantry, for the second round, there is .7 tanks attacking .5 infantry. then .67 tanks hit’s .33 infantry, and the .5 infantry hit’s .16 tanks leaving .5 tanks and .16 infantry. We can say that if there is less than 1/3 of a unit for the defender, they may retreat it. This would work on all levels, you could send .1 infantry to take an empty territory, and the other .9 to attack. Maybe only divide down to 6 parts. Any ideas?
    Also, another idea for a computer variation, blind axis and allies. you would get recon planes to fly around, and let you see stuff, but otherwise it’s blind. maybe roll dice to see what type of units you see with each plane. also, you wouldn’t be able to attack with 1 infantry just to see what they defend with, you would have to survive one round of battle (live to tell)
    i am seriously considering adding these to a computer version of axis and allies.

  • those sound like pretty cool ideas… it would take awhile to work out all the bugs though. if you could perfect it and sell it to a company and have it be sold on the market then i’d buy it

  • i do not intend to sell anything, it would get stolen anyways, and it would prevent some people from playing it. I basically want to kill hasblow.

  • oh well it would make a pretty good game that you could make some $$ off of

  • I like hasblow. I hoe you meant to spell it that way.

  • it isnt as exciting but having everything the same except the number of units. if u mess w/ the system thats already set up it gets really messy when its already good.

  • yeah, that would mess it up pretty bad thinkin about it…. at end of russia’s first turn you could have 31 infantry there… plus all your 8 tanks and 4 fighters

  • i think its a pretty dumb idea no offfence, Russia could then build like 15 soldiers each turn, Germany and Japan couldnt destroy that while still fighting America which gets 72 and Britain that gets 60.

  • yeah, the IPC difference would be huge… UK getting 60, US getting 72, Russia getting 48, but germany only gets like 64 to deal with russia’s 48 + Uk’s 60, along with more than half of US’s 72. Germany and Japan would be swiftly crushed

  • You would also need to doube the size of the board to hold all the pieces. But if you get to drink twice as much then it might be worth it.

  • @guest:

    You would also need to doube the size of the board to hold all the pieces. But if you get to drink twice as much then it might be worth it.

    You are obviously wise in the way of A&A (well, all board games, evidently). Really, register please and share more of your great wisdom 😄 .

  • I did register as “gatorade”. When I tried posting using this name I get an error response saying someone else already has it. I think that someone else is me. I tried logging in first, but still get the same message. What am i doing wrong?

  • I’m afraid i havn’t the foggiest - Yanny?

  • It might be my dang computer, which is old, slow and acting kinda crazy. A lot like me I might add.

  • Inky and gato …
    Use guise krill me :lol:

  • I got another idee ahm gona post.

  • I agree that changing the game could lead to all sorts of confusion, but there is always room for improvement. Just look at all the rules changes that have gone through A & A. One thing to try is multiply the IPC’s by 1.5, ruond up for the Axis and down for the Allies, and leave the units the same. So the IPC’s would be like this:

    ( I had to do this from memory, so for the players who live, breathe, and die this game gimme a break)

    Russia 24 to 35
    Germany 32 to 50
    England 30 to 39
    Japan 25 to 41
    USA 36 to 53

    Allies 90 to 127
    Axis 56 to 91

    The gap in the IPC’s is bigger, 24 to 35, but the ratio goes down, 1.61 to 1.40. I think you might be able to play this way, but who knows without play testing.

  • I vote no, no, and no to these suggestions.

  • I like to add 4th no to these suggestions. Multiplying the IPCs by 1.5 without change the number of units means the Axis die 1.5 times faster, essentially. :roll:

    I like to give you a break C_F but I just can’t stand bad math.
    1.5=38(rounded up)
    Seems like you have some weird rules for rounding numbers up and down. :-?

  • So now i can only drink 1.5 times as much. I prefer,“hic” doubles.

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