Rochester NY area: looking for players

  • Hello, I’ve been playing the AAR now for almost a year now.  I am currently in a game group that’s meets once a month.  I am open to trying other versions of AA (would love to try the AA anniversary ed.!).  I also plan on getting the AAP40 in Dec.  So if you’re interested, please drop me a line.  Look forward to playing new faces! :-D

  • Just to update the thread.  I did get the new AAP1940.  I’m also painting the pieces if that entices anyone.  :?  Boy I can not believe that I’m the only one in Rochester that plays this game.  :-o

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    I’m about 1 1/2 hours from you, down in the Southern Tier.  No AA players down here, either!!  :wink:

  • Thanks for the reply.  Where do you live in the southern tier?  Sounds like you live right by the Penn. border.  Maybe Jamestown area?

  • Their sure are a lot of views of this thread.

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    I’m in Allegany County, in the Olean/Wellsville area.

  • “You know, you only live once” as the saying goes.  I’m actually considering a roadie once in a while.  What are your thoughts on the matter?

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    That’s cool.  Just let me know.  Maybe I can talk my brother-in-law into coming down, too!  (he lives in Greece)

  • Yeah definitely.  I’ll talk it over with my wife to see if she is receptive to the idea.  Gotta always confer with the CO (commanding officer)  :-D

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    haha, sure thing.  I’ll run it by my Imperial Dictator as well.  ;)

  • Well unfortunately she was not very receptive to the topic at all.  If you happen to in town meeting your brother-in-law give me a shout.  Here is my email address so I can email you my cell number.

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    I guess the fleet is grounded… ;)

    I’ll give you a shout if I’m gonna be up in Roch at all.

  • Cool beans dude.  Hope you make it up my way.  Maybe I’ll be able to get down there some time later on this year.  I’ll have to work on that one with the wifey.

  • Still no one here in Rochester,NY.  :?  Sure are an awful lot of views for no one to drop a line.  If you are reading this and no where remotely close the why are you looking?  Just an observation.

  • Figured I’d check in and see how your progress is going. I live 3 and a half hours out, right on the Great Sacandaga lake in Gloversville. Rochester is a bit of a drive for me, but I’m a River Rats season ticket holder and have been wanting to take a road trip to see them play the Rochester Americans (AHL hockey) and it may be a possibility when one of those days comes around while I’m in the area.

  • Thanks for dropping a line.  I’ve gotten lucky and found someone that is down the road from to play AA with.  But if you are going to be in town I would love to play someone new.  Give me a heads up if you are in town and we’ll try get something set up.  Here is my email

  • I figured it was time that I’ve revived the thread.  Just to update the thread.  I have copies AAR, AA spring 42, AAP40, and also will getting a copy of AAE40 as well.  Anyone in the Rochester area or some of the finger lakes area interested in gaming please give me a reply.  Thanks again and happy gaming! :)

  • I live about 40 miles from Syracuse we game every weekend, 4 to 5 players. If I get too many people we set up a second table.
      Here’s a thought  meet up with all the players in a 200 mile radius. Rent a hotel conference room make sure it"s a nice place with a pool, and convince the family it’s a get a way mini vacation.  It might just work if all the spouse’s liked games like Scrabble Poker Yahtzee, or the Bar.
      Get the people from up north to come down and from the south to head north etc.
      There’s a group that plays on the weekend at the game store in Oneida

  • I live in the village of Fairport and I haven’t played in years.  I sure do miss playing, though!  I have a new and barely used AA Europe, AA Pacific, and a newer AA 1942 “Traditional”.  (All board games, in case that needed to be said.)

    Anyone else out here?

  • When I lived in Rochester I went to the game stores and found adds where people were looking for players and I contacted a few different groups until I found a few cool players from the different groups and started my own group.  It was also diff. people on diff. weekends or diff, nites

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