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    How do you stop the German onslaught and the powerful Japan in the 1941 scenario?
    I can never get the help to Russia and I cannot stop Japan coming from the East?
    What do you typically buy for Russia?
    How do the Allies best help Russia?

  • You cannot if axis plays properly

    My advices (pick any combo of them):

    • Play without NOs
    • Play 1942 scenario
    • Mod China so they can survive J1
    • Mod China to a fully normal playable power (delete invisible walls and such)
    • Delete at least 2 starting jap trannies in 41 scenario
    • Give UK a free IC at India before starting

  • I agree with that it is difficult to win as the allies in 41 set-up.

    A couple of things I have done that may help:

    • Buy tanks with Russia on the first few turns with a couple of men as you can afford.
    • Try to get a plane or two going as well as Russia needs to build an attack force.
    • Always leave one man on your front line so Germany has limited pieces to kill.
    • Always take back what Germany captures if possible but do not leave your attack pieces exposed for counter attack. Must recapture adjacent countries to Moscow at all costs.
    • UK should take out Findland for Russia so that back door is closed.
    • UK can also hit Poland or actually put men in Karelia. (Russia looses the NO bonus so make sure it is lots of UK guys to be worth it.)
    • US should go at Japan but should try to get at least a transport or two in the Atlantic going over to Africa if possible.
    • Take out Italy fleet as soon as possible to take back control of the Med.

    These are some suggestions that have worked for me. Hope this helps. 8-)

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    Yes, i saw it today, thanks! +1 for you!

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