• Not knowing whether AAP40 will be “limited” as was AA50…where is the best place to purchase this game upon release?

    I see FMG is posting an ad on this site…I plan to buy from them (in support of the other project they are working on!)- I just hope they are allocated some stock from WOC.

    While I would like the “best price”, I’m more concerned about being able to actually get a copy, even if I pay “full retail”.

    I purchased AA50 from Amazon and they delivered as promised (but at full retail…)…

  • http://www.coolstuffinc.com/main_boardGame.php?viewType=view board games&fp=Acc-AVHAxisandAlliesPacific1940#Axis and Allies: Pacific 1940 Board Game

    I ordered my AA50 and 40 on this website. I’ve also sold collectible cards. This is one of the best


  • Yor best bet would be coolstuff or alomst any other website that sells board games. Just google AAP 40 and shopping results will be given to you. As far as stores go Im guessing only specaltiy shops will only have it in stock. To big of a price for target and Wal-mart

  • Your best bet is to support your local gaming store!

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    Your best bet is to support your local gaming store!

    +1 to you!

  • If you don’t support your local game store, it will be gone.

  • Preordered 2 P40s for myself- yeah.  😄 Almost got a third but really didn’t want to spend the cash.
    I suggest that everyone buys at least 2 of these games for extra pieces and such.  In AA42 you HAVE to buy two of them because the WOTC cheapos didn’t even put in enough chips for the setup!!!- bafoons!!! 😞

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    I suggest that everyone write to Wizards Customer Service and complain about the lack of chips in AA42.  Maybe if enough people do it, more will be included in AAP40 and AAE40.

  • maybe if everyone buys like five copies of the game, they might realize that people buy it, and then actually put some support behind it

  • I thought AAP40 was all  packaged already

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    Not yet, but it’s close.

  • @Krieghund:

    I suggest that everyone write to Wizards Customer Service and complain about the lack of chips in AA42.  Maybe if enough people do it, more will be included in AAP40 and AAE40.

    I did just that (2 times) when I purchased AA42. They never replied, nor mailed me anything.

    Now thanks to everyone answering my AAP40 questions, I’ll just buy 2 copies.

    I’m not trying to deter anyone from doing this, just don’t have high expectations is all.


  • This was the response from Wizards of the Coast Customer Support.

    All I asked them was why the Axis and Allies 1942 did not come with enough chips and pieces.  You need to buy 2-3 sets to have enough to play a game.

    **Thank you for contacting Wizards of the Coast! We place great value in the feedback, ideas, and suggestions of our customers. I assure you that Game Support meets with teams around the company on a regular basis, and we make it a priority that your voice is heard. While we cannot guarantee a direct response, we can promise that your thoughts and concerns are being passed along to the right people.

    Also, Wizards of the Coast does not have the ability to sell extra pieces or parts for our Avalon Hill games. The amount of inventory we keep on hand will not allow us to offer extra items if they become lost or damaged due to use. We only have enough product on hand to provide replacements for actual defective products.

    Take Care and Good Gaming!**

  • Sounds like a boiler plate response to me.

  • whoa krieg. this time of yeah must be pretty busy for you guys! two games At once no less!

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    Oh, Larry and I are done with the Pacific design, and have been for weeks.  I was just saying that the final component assembly may not be done yet.  Something like throwing an extra bag of chips into each box may still be possible.

  • TripleA '12


    I’m sure we would be ever so grateful if this could be done.  🙂

  • Official Q&A

    It’s not something that I have any control over.  I’ve mentioned it at every opportunity, but with no results.  As I said, your best bet is to inundate Wizards Customer Service with complaints about it.  It may not do any good, but then again it may.

  • Maybe Larry should take his game designs to Fantasy Flight Games. They have great customer service.

  • Where is the best deal for this?

    Was there 1 website for free shipping if you bought 2??


  • Free shipping for us Residents if you purchase over 100$ of gameboards at www.coolstuffinc.com

    I feel like I’m advertising for this website haha 😛 They should pay me for this

    Note that free shipping only applies to certain locations in the USA. Go check it out. I’ve ordered my AA50 from them, and I also sell/buy cards from them


  • Got my 2 P40 games preordered!!

    Also, the good thing about waiting 8-9 months for E40 is that since there are new units, costs and additional rules, and many more territories and sea zones than before, it will take some time to get used to the new aspects of the game.

    AA50 had new territories and a couple of new rules and such but the sea zones remained nearly the same.  It was truly a “deluxe” version of Revised.  G40 by comparison will truly be a new dynamic game.

    Waiting 8-9 more months for the other one is tough but it will give everyone time to get used to the play of these new games.  By the time E40 comes out, it will be an easier transition to G40- believe me that’s the ONLY good thing about waiting!! 🙂

  • There is nothing good about waiting. Give me the game now!

  • well we have a little over a month left…

  • Somebody need to put one of those countdown things in this forum

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