12 IPC Bombers…. Too cheap or just right?

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    I was reading this thread in the AA:50 forums…there seems to be some disagreement on whether 12 ipc bombers are broken…


    In Revised, in a no tech game, buying bombers is inefficient given the option to buy cheaper fighters…  But in a tech game, bombers are hopelessly broken due to the unbalanced heavies tech…

    It seems LH is trying to come up with a happy medium by bringing the price back down to 12 (too low, or just right?), but eliminating tech.  Yet he covers his bases by offering Interceptors as an optional rule.

    So will Interceptors be necessary in Spring 42?  Are bombers underpriced?  Will all bomber buys by the USA be a popular strategy?  Would this be a cost-efficient use of USA resources?  Similarly, are Axis bomber buys a good idea?  How tempting is an Axis SBR campaign against Moscow?

    What do peeps experienced in playing AA:50 no tech think about this issue?

  • im not an AA:50 Player, but Ive been playing the hell out of 42. Last night was the first time I used the interceptor/ escort rule. Up til now, Ive been Strat bombing the hell out of germany with little repurcussions, and Ive crippled the war machine.  This game was completely different. The axis kept a stock of fighters in germany outnumbering my fighters  by at least one per round.  I closed off southern europe with Strat bombing and took it over.  It took 7 rounds, but I took over every german country except germany itself.  I was even able to wipe out the massive Japanese fleet with the US bombers I was planning on Strat bombing Germany with when they attempted to amphib assault in alaska. I still have much to learn for good strategy, but it was interesting how the game changes with the optional rule. I know I need a better strategy against the Japanese. I want to invade Japan!

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    i am going to say just right

    my reasons being that the new SBR rules limit the damage done to germany to about 16 or so per turn (germany never repairs all the way, that is why it isn’t 20), which means that the allies never need more than 4-5 bombers total between uk and usa.
    the allies still need boots on the ground more than they need bombers, and since bombers are still expensive pieces, can not use bombers alone (unless SBRing)

    i do enjoy that HB have been taken out of the game, and with them out, 12 ipc bombers are just right

  • Just right because they force navies to bulk up on protection and it makes the game more dynamic. Bombers being cheaper allows for flexibility when playing Germany to have them attack arriving convoys or support a counter attack on the Russia front. Before they were just too expensive to be used very much. It certainly makes the game more fun.

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