What did U get for Christmas(or other winter celebrations)??

  • What did U get for Christmas(or other winter celebrations)??

    I got a full sespension mountain bike; I told “Santa” 😉 that I wanted to get A&AP to late.

  • I bought me AAE for Christmas. I convinced my parents that they got it for me. Whatever.
    The leather carry-on is perfect for my trips. I think i can even fit AAE into it . . . .

  • ya I’ll probably buy myself A&AP since “Santa” 😉 didnt

  • Great X-Mas…

    X-Box + iPod

  • For christmas santa got me the two A&AE and A&AP :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    Also we (family) got a new computer!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D8)8)8)

  • I got an X-Box + 5 games.

    Plus I work for Microsoft so I get all the free games I want! Woohoo!
    (Slaps ass…kiss it, Gamecube!) 😛

  • @Deviant:Scripter:

    (Slaps ass…kiss it, Gamecube!) 😛

    dont you meen PS2 as you’ve already beat gamecube but PS2 is still #1?

  • Nah, PS2 is only #1 becuase of the amount of games that it has. No comparison when it comes to the quality of the systems. Hardware wise, XBox will kick the pants off of anything that’s on the market today. 😛

  • Gamecube makes more money than X-Box or Ps2… they save on the production costs.

    Having both a Gamecube and X-Box now, I’d say they compliment each other well. Gamecube has better strategy, rpg, and sports games. But you can’t friggin beat Splinter Cell.

    Btw guys, buy a friggin iPod. These things kick ass.

  • Yea, I just got Splinter Cell…it’s a kick-ass game! 😛

    LOL, do the iPod’s even work with Windows yet? I know when they first came out, Apple wouldn’t support Windows. Has that changed?

  • Gamecube makes more money than X-Box or Ps2… they save on the production costs.

    Pst… the money is in licensing, not hardware.

    For Christmas I got gloves 😎

  • Yeah, it works with Windows. I use Windows Media Player to upload songs onto the iPod. Makes me very glad I converted all my CDs to Mp3s a few months back.

  • I got Civilization the Board Game

  • I got nothing for this holiday as I don’t celebrate it, but my family and I did discuss the origins of the holiday and about Jesus himself. It was an interesting conversation. I’m sure CC and I could argue about it for a long time. My father brought up an interesting point about the whole story of Jesus, which was that the story as written in the New Testament could not possibly have happened for the very reason that the Romans would not ask the Jews who to kill or who not to kill. The Romans were cold and ruthless and would kill whoever they chose to kill. But we can argue about it more another time, I’m sure Yanny and FinsterniS and F_alk will also have some good input.

  • Making a new thread for it. Its a very interesting topic.

  • well for Hankukah i got a whole 11$ ^_^ (my mom is Jewish) 😉

    and for Christmas i got a thing of Fudge, a Chess set and some Cash.

  • :lol:

  • Lucky you. 😉

  • I got to see my kid destroy Metroid Prime on gamecube in about 30 hrs of play. Pretty good grafx & audio immersion. Next he’s gonna spend a chunk of Christmas geld on the latest greatest Mortal Kombat.

    No new games for me, but I’m savin & schemin to acquire AAP & AA (only AAE is currently in my collection)

    Also, I stumbled across a book that “sets the record straight” about how the Waffen SS was full of patriots and not vicious murderers like the Algemainer SS. I suppose there may be some grains of truth in that, but if anyone feels a need to discuss it, probably a different forum would be appropriate…. (could be dubbed “Bonzo Goes to Bitburg”)

  • Metroid prime, great game. ZZZ, try playing it when your kid is away )

  • Oh, I locked into Samus’ boots for an hour or so. Fun. Got a mean gamer’s cramp in the wrist. Guess I’m more tuned up for typing!

  • hahaha, did you know the qwerty keyboards were designed to slow you down 😉

  • Yah, but before I upgrade, I want to make sure it’s really worth it – I’m waiting for the helmet. Solves all ergonomic issues permanently. You know, virtual – just lemme strap that baby over my punkin head. Gimme the helmet!!

  • RIGHT ON ZIM! The Waffen-SS were awsome!

  • yea that was me 🙂

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