Wheel of Time Book #12 The Gathering Storm

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    Heya Bardoly, we have the same profession.  Would be interested to “talk shop” sometime…

    Yeah - weave up the thread!

    So, you are an ESL teacher in a foreign country as well?
    If so, which country?

    Well… “kinda.”  I’m an English lecturer at a university here in London (but I’m an American).  Though I do teach some Lit. and Comp. courses to native speakers, and an Anthro. course (mostly first years/freshman), many of my courses are writing courses (and language labs) for our foreign exchange students. I assume you’re doing some ESL work in China then?  That’s sounds like quite an experience!  I did several years teaching ESL as well while working at some digs  - fantastic way to see the world and get to know people.  Have you been to the Forbidden City?  Eh eh eh how often does one get to write that in seriousness?  It just sounds cool…  :lol:

    Yes, I’ve been able to see some of the tourist sites in Beijing, including parts of the Forbiden City.

    All right Bardoly, now it’s my turn. I believe you spelled Forbidden wrong.

    All right, you caught me.  Just don’t tell any of my students.  😛

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    Oh!  There goes the teaching license! eh eh eh  😮

  • oookay…. BACK ON TOPIC… is the book out now?

  • @stuka:

    oookay…. BACK ON TOPIC… is the book out now?

    It was released on October 26, 2009, so it should be in every major bookstore.  I live in China, so I won’t be able to get it any time soon, but if anyone has read it, then I would appreciate your thoughts on the book.  i.e. Did Mr. Sanderson keep the “feel” of the book very “Jordanesque”?

  • I haven’t read it yet, but I have spoken with somebody who did. He stated that Sanderson’s style was not the same as Jordan’s, but he also stated that the book was very good.

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