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  • Hi all! I’m Ryan, from Calgary, Canada. I just bought Axis & Allies 1942 Edition yesterday, and I just had a couple things I wanted to get cleared up since I couldn’t find the answers elsewhere. I have never played Axis & Allies before. My friends all say they like it but nobody has a copy, so I figured I would pick one up. I played my first trial game last night against myself, and it didn’t seem to go too well. I wasn’t very aggressive in the beginning, and so after about 17 turns I had lost a lot of units from all sides, but the board looked largely like it does to start as far as territories go (except that Russia was down to 11 IPCs per turn).

    1. Can tanks and artillery hit fighters during combat?
    2. Can a land unit board a transport on its Combat Move phase for the purpose of an amphibious assault? For example, board from Southern Europe to a transport in SZ14, which moves to SZ15 and offloads to attack Anglo-Sudan in a single turn?
    3. Does a power have to hold Gibraltar in order to pass naval units from the Mediterranean into the Atlantic?
    4. Is there a limit to how many unescorted transports a single fighter can destroy, either launched from a carrier or from land, particularly assuming that the land is adjacent to the water, ie. from Western Europe to SZ7?
    5. Are Australia and New Guinea close enough to one another that they do not need naval transports to ferry units across?
    6. How long does an average Play By Forum game take in real time?

    I’ll probably think of more questions as I play my second trial game today. This time I intend to be more active this time, particularly in regards to Germany taking over Africa and Russia hitting Germany back, as well as utilizing strategic bombing runs. Thanks!

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    1. Yes, everything in a battle can hit everything else (unless it is strategic bombing, which is separate from battles).  Inf, Art, Tanks, Fighters, Bombers, can all hit each other.  (don’t forget to roll any anti aircraft shots before combat, if there is an AA gun present)
    2. Yes, you can pick up during the combat move, and drop off as an amphibious assault.  However, combat ends any movement of transport, and all combats are done at the same time.  This means that if you have a transport in SZ13 and some inf to pick up in Algeria, and there is an enemy surface warship in SZ14, you could move you could pick your guys in algeria, move to SZ14, and drop off in Italy (pending the successful destruction of the enemy surface warship), but you could not destroy the SZ14 enemy then move once more and drop off in SZ15 Egypt.
    3. No
    4. You can destroy up to 10 billion.  However, if they have 10 billion and one, then one will survive.
    5. They are separate islands, so they need a transport to ferry units.
    6. No clue, I can’t stand games that take multiple sittings so I don’t play by forum, I only play if I can finish in the same session.

    Be sure to check out this link for some tips and strategy discussion:

  • Thank you very much  😄 As you can probably tell from the situations I asked about, I’m not a very good player yet. I thought of a couple more while I was setting the board up.

    1. Can incoming fighters and bombers kill anti-aircraft guns?
    2. If your industrial complex is damaged, do you lose the IPCs from your income as well (in addition to having to repair the damage) or just reduce the number of units you can place down?

    EDIT: Found the answer to one of the questions.

  • I think anti-aircraft guns are indestructible like industrial complexes (but I think you can lose anti-aircraft guns if it’s sunk on a transport).  The anti-aircraft guns are subject to capture, like industrial complexes so I don’t think it can be killed.

    As for bombing, you don’t lose IPC only the production capacity but you need to pay 1 IPC per damage to remove the damage.

    Regis, that is my final answer.

  • so when can I get my megalomaniacal hands on an FAQ and Errata document for AA1942?

    this is Alcoholics Anonymous, oh Im sorry I thought it was game night…

  • Official Q&A

    Probably shortly after Europe 1940 is finished.

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