-25 bid challenge: conclusions

  • Eh, a G1 Karelia and G1 Egypt leaves the UK BB alone, and gives you two battles that you can get diced on HARD.  It is, in my opinion, the same as going for the tech G1 revised sea lion.  Sure you can do it, and make it so you have a huge advantage, or a huge disadvantage, but in the end it is pretty foolish.

    And yes, the only thing that has changed is without interceptors a heavy US SBR campaign is extremely effective and viable.  And the dynamics of using Russia and Germany are a bit different.  But honestly, the map is not that much different from revised, the units didn’t change much, why should the effective tactics?

    What is truly different? More territories, a bit more IPCs, couple of small cost changes in units, that is about it.  Yes it is harder to defend your fleet, but not that much because of how much harder it is to keep fighters in a position to hit fleets.  Yes germany cannot build as many units, but italy makes up for that.  It is, essentially, the same game/concept.  I know Japan gets richer faster, but turn 1 they make alot less, as do all the axis and the allies make alot more turn 1.

    The absolutely biggest problem in this game, in my honest opinion, is the extremely dicey turn 1s (I can typically tell you the victor of the game after J1), and the stupid Italy can-opener.  That single tactic slams Russia so hard its not even funny, and why in the 42 scenario it is much easier to play as Russia.  That and the invisible wall in china are the only two things that personally annoy me.  Now if I were to redesign the game I would make a ton of changes to promote a more balanced conflict in all theaters, simple things to promote combat in the pacific and in africa.  I would weaken Japan and boost Italy, along with boosting Russia and the UK in the form of Australia and India.

  • '16 '15 '10

    Hmm you are probably right bugoo–Karelia and Egypt in the same turn is too risky.  Actually though, I once played a game where I took Karelia, killed the bb, and took Egypt…  However with only 3 figs Karelia is obviously too risky so the better play is probably pursuing the dd/tranny combo with the 2 subs–the bb can be kept out of Finland/Karelia by landing all fighters in Finland…  Re. Karelia, in a ll game it comes down to whether the aa hits.  If no fighter is shot down then sometimes Karelia can be taken without sacrificing a fig…and that is pretty devastating for the Allies.  If a fighter is shot down, then sometimes that’s 2 figs down for the Axis.

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