Mac vs. PC

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    So, I’m hankering for a good debate. This isn’t political guys; I want a clean fight, no funny stuff, and no grabbing. You know what I mean.

    Match begins now. It will run for 10 days. For every argument that gets a response to it of “good point” I award a positive karma to the original poster. Be honest if it was a good argument. But remember if you don’t post if something is a “good argument” most likely no one will do the same to you. You win by getting a massive amount of positive Karma points and satisfaction in knowing your point was drilled into the heads of the unlearned. I will start:

    I just bought a Mac for college. I have used PC’s for all my life up until now and nothing has topped what I can do on a Mac.

    Obviously that doesn’t deserve Karma. I dare you to prove me wrong though… So take it away…


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    Which is better Mac or PC?

    Well doesn’t that first depend on what sort of computing you intend to do?

    To the best of my knowledge there are no 3D drafting/engineering programs that run on Mac.

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    I own both. PC is easily Better. More programs work with it, and the PC gets more done faster with the programs i use like Illustrator. I suppose ONLY if you use a MAC for making films and editing same you could be better off… again only because the better programs that are made for MAC are not available on PC.

    The other thing is a PC can be upgraded and improved and its cheaper. MAC is a take it or leave it proposition, where your stuck with art deco neon plastic shell for 3 times the money, but in the end you cant swap out the C drive, or replace the video card with a better one…

    Lastly, you pay about 2.5-3 times the money for a MAC.

    MAC people will tell you “hey at least we don’t get any virus”  Since i have been using XP and now Vista and use Mozilla only one minor virus showed up, and thats only because my niece searched for Hanna Montana and loaded in some crap. The virus was easily removed and nothing happened. I use a router anyway in my office and that stops alot of junk from happening.

    I Have: Gateway FX-6801, plus another Gateway ( about 2 years old), Quad Core MAC, and some old E Machine with 3800 processor ( not being used)

  • Since it is possible to run Windows, OS X and Linux on both a (new) MAC and a PC, I can’t see any significant advantage for either one. Is it the hardware or the operative systems you are debating GG?

    Personally I use a PC and if I would buy a new computer it would be a PC, PCs are cheaper than MAC.

    I’m not sure how much more expensive MAC is compared to a PC, but every $ counts.

  • I am a 3D virtual designer. I use AutoCAD MEP and Navisworks and to my knowledge neither are supported on the MAC.

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    IL makes a good point about the upgradable aspect to PC. You aren’t stuck with whatever you’ve started with.

  • 2 Reasons for me.

    First, I use my computers for playing games. This one that I surf the net with is my girlfriends. Mine are supplements to a console like my PS2. MAC support for games at least what I tend to play disappeared many years ago.

    Second, my computers resemble “my grandfather’s ax”, the head has been replaced 3 times and the handle five but it is the same ax.  😛

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    OK, couple things about my like of a Mac… Personal and hopefully worthwhile:

    #1, The volunteer work I do now is Media related, video editing mostly. I have used Video editing software on a PC and they don’t match up with what I’ve used.
    #2, I know that everyone says that a Mac doesn’t get viruses, this I found from experience. Of course this is too specific an argument, but if it is anything in similarity, Mac’s I have found to be easy to operate. A PC by comparison was a labyrinth. I know this deals with OS. I have yet to use Windows 7 but I am using Snow Leopard now. This is a fast cookie.
    #3, When you say, “A PC is cheaper…” By what comparison? I mean, I know it might be at touch more, but if you compare the HD space, Ram, Video Card, and Processor, plus the Warranties, I don’t see much difference. Most every Mac come standard with over 2 Ghz for example.
    #4, Construction. I have had a Dell laptop and those things are pretty indestructible. I gave that thing an 18 month run at a college. I have yet to use this out completely, but this thing is durable, solid. A solid aluminum body definitely makes this thing a little more then a beat box. Comparatively my Dell was a couple parts put together and by the time I sold it, was taking some wear on the screen “attachment” area.

    Am I a computer genius? No, and I no doubt don’t use it professionally like some of you guys do. I wouldn’t know there is some specific application that is only in Windows. If I’m correct this is not due to Microsoft’s of Apple’s doing. Those are written by companies who use one or another. Maybe they should?


  • The arguments for/against Macs prior to Intel processors and OS X was very different than what it is now.

    My Dad is a Mac man, so I’ve had my experience with Win PCs, Apple OS, and Linux PCs.

    +Macs are generally more expensive than a comparable PC, however, you do get a better quality of product, a sleek look, and bells and whistles you generally don’t find on PC (such as a magnetic power adapter plug in case some one trips on your laptop’s power brick).
    +Mac support is one of the best in the biz.  Yet that reason is due to specialization, which limits your options to just Apple itself.
    +Gaming used to be horrendous on the Mac, as you had to wait months, if not over a year, for titles to port from PC.  This has changed drastically with emulation, Win booting, and more developers offering a Mac version of games.
    +The whole idea and execution behind Macs is done to a T: simplicity that brings efficiency and stability (which is also guaranteed through uniformity). Not infallible, but far and away better than a Win platform.
    +Accessibility is quite high, but there is a caveat to that (below)
    +I feel as if graphic design, video & photo editing are superior on the Mac, but I don’t have a ton of experience with these things.
    +I know this has less to do with Macs and OS X, but Apple is cutting edge.  When iMacs came out, everyone tried to mimic then and we had a slew of rip offs and devices that began named with the ubiquitous “i”.  When iPods hit the shelves, everyone and their mother emulated the little device but couldn’t come close, and surely haven’t touched its ability to interface with a PC or Mac with its partner in divine: iTunes. And now look at iPhones.

    -Repairability and scalability.  PCs and Linux based systems obviously have the upperhand, but at the same time, Macs generally don’t have a need for these things. 
    -In a Win dominated world, it can take some getting used to on how things work in a Mac. Most may have no need to mess with anything, but in some cases (installing apps and extensions), it’s superior to Windows.
    -PCs and Linux are far more versatile as far as hardware and software availability.  But the dual/triple boot nature of Macs negate that a bit.
    -Even though it’s is more stable than its counterparts, it still has some compatibility and performance issues from time to time (and I can’t recall having one crash on me).
    -Macs tend to attract insufferable douches, but that’s not exactly something that can be attributed to them and they do not have a monopoly on.

    I really am a fan of the various options on their own merits.  I mainly use a PC because that’s what I’m used to and I don’t feel as constrained if I want to tinker.  But there’s my opinion, I can’t think of anything else right now.  And you wouldn’t necessarily get an inverse of responses if we were trying to pose it as a PC vs. Mac thead.

    A lot of what has been said in this thread used to be very true, but now not so much.  Or it has changed a little bit.  frimmel and Subotai pretty much have the summary of what I am saying.

  • BTW, the scalability/upgradability difference between Macs and PCs is a little convoluted.

    -All Laptops are limited, no matter the type of computer.  RAM is about it. 
    -Macs have had some of the best access for upgrading desktops I’ve ever seen (towers with sides that drop down with the push of a button with the motherboard all right there), and have allowed to you change processors, video cards, RAM, and add internal card expansions.
    -However, iMacs are a sizable chunk of their desktop sales and as such, hurt that particular consideration drastically because what you get is what you get.

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    So you can change out the MAC motherboard?  Thats the main item for upgrading a computer.

  • I used a mac for about 10 years, then I’ve used a PC for about 8 years. I currently own both.

    Personally I prefer a PC because it’s cheaper and it runs more games/software. They both have their uses, and they both have their drawbacks.

  • @Imperious:

    So you can change out the MAC motherboard?  Thats the main item for upgrading a computer.

    Most people change a lot of components before the motherboard.  If anything, it’s every 3,4,5 years and it doesn’t hurt to get another case.

    But yes, you can change out the motherboard and really have been able to for most Macs for some time.

  • From my personal experience PC is more flexible and supports more games and programs. MAC is great for media programs and programs of that nature. For example we use PROTOOLS which is a music recording studio program and MAC rocks for that. PC studio programs like QBASE, etc, are not bad, but not as awesome as PROTOOLS.
    PC also as mentioned already is upgradable, MAC is not.
    My PC is already 6 years old but will still play any brand new game as I bought the top of line (at the time) Ahtlon 3.2 GHZ processor with 1 GB RAM and 256 MB 3D video card. If I was to upgrade the mother board, RAM, etc, it would be fairly reasonnable cost wise and then would have an up to date machine. So PC in a way is a better bang for the buck, but it does depend what you are doing with the computer. Games, e-mails, business and Internet, PC is the way to go. I have owned PC’s since they first came around and have only had a few virus issues, mostly with WIN 98 OS system. If you have a good anti-virus program you do not have issues. At my work we use Avast with XP OS and we have never been infected, so it actually works well. It can slow the PC down a little bit when first opening the Internet Explorer or Outlook program, but that is the only drawback. 🙂

  • Its really a personal preference. there is no This is “better than that” the answer is uneek

  • Thats a laugh. That Mac guy is in Die Hard 3 to my surprise. He actually can act.

  • Can’t remember his name now, but he’s been in some things.  His part in Idiocracy is pretty good.

    And the other guy was on The Daily Show.

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    Thats a laugh. That Mac guy is in Die Hard 3 to my surprise. He actually can act.

    Not 3 but Die Hard 4. “Live Free or Die Hard,” which is actually pretty decent.

    The Mac Guy is actor Justin Long.

  • @frimmel:


    Thats a laugh. That Mac guy is in Die Hard 3 to my surprise. He actually can act.

    Not 3 but Die Hard 4. “Live Free or Die Hard,” which is actually pretty decent.

    The Mac Guy is actor Justin Long.

    You are correct. I was thinking it was 4 but could not seem to remember 3 so I thought I was mistaken. 1 is in the building, 2 is in the plane, what happens in 3?

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    They are in New York chasing a ‘bomber.’ It is to me the weakest entry.

  • @frimmel:

    They are in New York chasing a ‘bomber.’ It is to me the weakest entry.

    Must be why it doesn’t stick in my mind. And I checked last night I actually have the die hard series on DVD and I own all 4. So you would think I would remember it.

    Thanks frimmel.

  • Isn’t it amusing that when people buy DVD’s they hardly ever watch those movies because they know that they can watch them anytime and so that time never comes

  • @Brain:

    Isn’t it amusing that when people buy DVD’s they hardly ever watch those movies because they know that they can watch them anytime and so that time never comes

    You are so right. I personally own around 100+ DVDs and I do watch some of them frequently, and others hardly ever, so it justs depends on how the movie “grabs” you.

    But I guess we are going off topic here so back to PC vs. Mac. How about those new commercials, Mac is continuing to assault PC now with Windows 7. It is getting a little old now I think. I did find some of them funny at the start but now… 😐

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