• What is the general consensus on a German Eastern Europe IC on turn 1? In theory it sounds great. You build 3 inf there every turn while the rest of your cash goes to tanks in berlin. This also makes trading territory with russia easier giving you men to the front asap. The main problem stated by many is that the UK might land men there and take it end game. I personally find this to not be a big deal. Even if they grab it berlin can simply counter hard/soft. If anything it acts as a tool to draw the brits into a position to die as opposed to them stacking away from you in karelia. And if we are assuming Germany has been reduced to a defensive posture you keep EE stacked with your tanks as a mobile defense to counter any paris/rome landings. Where am I going wrong here?

  • Speaking as someone who has not actually done this, I don’t like the idea of it because if you buy the complex, you get 3 infantry per turn only one step closer to the fight for the price of 5 infantry. That loss of 5 infantry alone increases the risk of the Allies teaming up to develop a forward position against Germany in the early stages. An example would be the UK landing heavily in Karelia on maybe UK2 or UK3, America landing fighters there, and Russia reinforcing with her West Russia stack and fighters. Another method that could work is the UK using a few Mideast troops to take Ukraine and again have the US and USSR help to hold it. Any of these scenarios makes it more difficult for EE to be held.

    The fact that you’re building units in EE means you are building less on Berlin and Rome. In the later stages of a game, you’ll have to keep extra units behind just to hold Germany against an amphibious assault or to sufficiently deadzone Western Europe. By that time, you’ll be wishing you had the 5 infantry back because the EE complex won’t be any use to you, and at some point, it will be captured.

    While I don’t always view losing EE as end game for the Axis, I don’t think it is a clever tool to draw Englishmen to their deaths either. A player should be able to manage deadzones and if Germany deadzones EE, then the Allies won’t go in heavily, they’ll go in with just enough to get the job done and get paid for the territory.

    I don’t think that Germany would be that successful building 3 inf plus tanks every turn. Naked tanks like that will give the Soviets plenty of strafing material. Don’t get me wrong, Germany should add some tanks to their starting stack but they need infantry to hold against the Allies long enough.

    In theory, you might like the idea, but try it in a game with a veteran player and I think your opinion will change.

  • Hi all,

    I agree with Dan 100%. I’d much rather have those 5 inf defending. The attraction of building 3 inf per turn 1 step closer isn’t that big.

    If it’s an IC you want what about focusing on a grab for caucasus.

  • +1 to Dan and Spaceman (I had to give +1 to Dan first, wait around for 8 hours and saw Spaceman’s post).

    I agree with both of you 100%.  Germany doesn’t have 15 extra IPC to waste, if it did, the game is probably over for Allies.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Yeah, save your 15 IPCs and buy a bomber instead. Then you have a unit that can support infantry and bomb your enemy’s industries down a whole bunch of points. Besides, you won’t start using your EEU IC until the third round. First round, you plop it down. Second round, you put the infantry there. Third round, they go into effect.

    Now, let’s say you aren’t worry about WEU just yet. So you put 10 inf in Germany on R1. On R2 they are in EEU. On R3, they can then go to either Kar, Belo or the Ukraine. By the fourth round your EEU IC inf are just getting into the game. So yeah, save the IPCs for either a bomber or 3 arm or even a fighter and arm. You need lots of in the first couple of rounds if you hope to survive, especially if Japan can’t get going fast enough.

  • Okay Thank you everyone for responses. I guess it comes down to a better way to spend resources.

  • Blitz2,

    What is your normal buy for G1 and your normal attacks?

    Also do you play with a bid?

    Also what do you face from Russia?  The buy and attack.

  • '16 '15 '10

    Not much sense to Germany or Russia building ICs in Revised.  Germany already starts with the ability to make 16 units a turn–that’s all you need.  The only interesting places I’ve seen Germany place an IC are Western Europe (for naval strats) and Ukraine (to help aggressive stack there).  And I’d argue stacking Ukraine is better achieved by simply buying more land units and moving em out.

    ICs are expensive enough as it is–no need to buy em w/o reason.

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