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    Japan would be my least favorite power to play (not including China) as it is sort of a “gimme power”, in that there just is no major threat or opponent in most cases; yes it can be delayed and harrased semi-effectivly, but not at the peril of putting signifiant game breaking damage to the Japanase empire. Essentially the worst that can happen to her is preventing a super power from become a super duper power.

    Thanks for your post.  I agree with your Japan assessment especially for 1941, but in a current game I’m playing by forum (against Omega and friends) Japan got completely dismantled in the first 3 turns, mostly by dice, but also from the full attention of US bombers and fleet.  I often give close to full attention to Japan with the US in the first few turns, and it causes major problems.  (Talking about 1942 start)
    Like you said, (especially for 1941) it’s a question of whether Japan is a super power or super duper power.  I won a game (by forum) recently where it was Japan vs. the world, and the world lost (1941 start).

    play 1941 witth few VC’s, and no NO’s
    then you have nice game with US attacking japan and russia and UK fending of germany and italy

  • I chose the US because I am a thinker. I enjoy being the US for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that the even though the battles aren’t numerous the US can still make some important attacks. These attacks need a lot of luck, my kind of AA strategy. Then once the US has had their build up the war changes. My one freind said it best, " Ohh god, the US is invading the axis party is over." The allies went on to win that round.
    Even though my favorite is the US, I am best as Uk. I don’t know why but my record is best with them.
    In all my games I have never played as japan, but I do know thier kind or play is not my style so I wouldn’t really it.
    That’s all I have to say about that.

  • TripleA '12

    I’m happy to play any of them but I’m really enjoying the challenge of Italy at the moment, who I’ll always pick if there’s a six player game going on! But normally, I usually pick United States as I have a lot of cash to build with and my territories are relatively safe from invasion. And so I voted for US.

  • Chose:
    Japan - all those toys that make things go boom!
    Russia - the center of attention
    UK - In the thick of things from the very beginning.  Always an interesting challenge for them to make an impact in western europe.

    Didn’t choose
    US - takes too long to get into any significant fights.  The whole thing is logistics which, while challenging, isn’t always that fun.
    Germany - economics force early, but usually unsustainable aggression.
    Italy - the axis’s sacrificial lamb most of the time.  Important role and I can probably learn to do better, but just not enough action.
    I’ll assume china was listed as a joke

    I’ll admit, the ones I didn’t choose are the ones I am less confident at playing, but what’s the fun of always feeling like you’re doing things wrong?

  • 2022 '15 '11 '10 Official Q&A Moderator

    Nope, China’s not a joke, and it’s one of the 3 I picked.
    You don’t have to think as much (sometimes that gets tiring) because you can’t leave China and you don’t have to decide what to build!  Also don’t have to worry about buying tech!  You only have 1 enemy to deal with, usually, too!
    What other country can you build wherever you want (almost) and on territories you just took over!!??  Also, is possible to work together with big brother USA in a simultaneous turn.

  • I chose Germany, Italy, and Russia.

    Germany because it is the country I played in my first ever game of Axis and Allies (which was Revised). I enjoy playing cat and mouse with Russia, and trying to keep them occupied to allow Japan can land the final hit to Moscow. And being able to take Moscow as Germany just gives me a sense of satisfaction.

    Italy because they are always underestimated but can be a huge factor in the game with being part of a 1-2 or 1-2-3 hit on Cau or clearing the way for German tanks. That, and I just like bombardments…

    Russia because you have a very clear goal: survive long enough to make a counter attack. You have to be very smart about what you build, since Russia is almost always the center of Axis aggression. I like building up a solid defense, and then shifting to an attack once the Western Allies can drain enough of Germany’s resources.

  • In order: Italy, Germany, Russia, Japan, UK, US

  • So far, I think UK has been my favorite.  I love the challenge of trying to come up with strategies to use and coordinate it’s far-flung pieces and territories to make a final impact on the outcome.  Well-played UK is the key to Allied victory IMHO!

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