Strategy to counter a Russian build up

  • I play A&A online with gamesbyemail. It’s the second edition (I think) which was the one I grew up with.

    Until recently, the strategy with Russia was always to go for Eastern Europe in the first round. This meant that you could fight the Germans on their soil and while Eastern Europe was changing hands the Brits could build up an invasion force.

    Recently the strategy seems to have changed to a defensive one for Russia. Now the common first move is a build up in Kerelia and no land attack on the Germans. It means that the Germans can’t really attack in their first round and the war becomes more like WW1 with both sides building up masses of men and hoping the other guy will attack first.

    When I’ve been playing the against the new strategy I’ve been very defensive as Germany, mainly trying to hold out against the Allies while the Japs break into Russia from the East. It usually works but I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this strategy and what they have found to be effective.

  • Without house rules or any perks to the Axis then classic AA is 90% chance of victory for the Allies. Unless the Allied player is green or has not read Don’s essays on AA then the game is even but once the Allied player knows how to operate then it is usually a short game with the Allies as the victor.

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