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    First of all, i want to say that i am new to the miniature game and only bought the ‘1939-1945’ starter set a week ago. I try to figure out what the ‘close assault’ means? I know that it allows soldiers to attack tanks, but how should i imagine this (in reality)? So ‘normal’ soldiers can attack armor?


  • In reality there was two ways to destoy a tank, by another tank or artilery from a distance or soldiers up close.  Medium range attack on a tank is usless from infranty unless it’s a bazooka, pnzrfst etc.

    Infranty in the same hex as your tank was dangerous, however in WWII they often countered this by providing close infrantry support to tanks.  Thus if you have an allied infantry in your own tank’s hex, the enemy infrantry needs to pass defensive fire to enter to attack.

  • Ok thanks, but how should i interprete ‘close assault’ …? Do they use sticky bombs to destroy tanks? I can not understand how a m1 garand unit can destroy a tank…


  • Yes sticky bombs  :lol:

    Using the M1 garand as an example, they’ll simply climb on the tank and take out the crew by handgrenade.  Plug up the cannon.  Shoot into the hatch.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Think of a platoon of Garands (not just one) swarming a tank.  Not a pretty sight – for the tank crew. 😉

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