• i just got the game and was a little bit confused on the rules. When you attack a territory, do all the units in the attacking and the defending territory go into battle? The rules say to put the pieces onto the “battle board” and does this mean that the unti can only attack the corresponding unit on the battle board? or can any unit attack any unit? thnx :-?

    1. First you have to designate the attack by moving all your units which you want to attack, to enemy territory.

    2. Then, after you designated all your attacks in this way, you start resolving them, one territory at a time.

    3. Choose one contested territory and place all attacking and defending units from that contested territory on the correspoding places on your battleboard.

    4. Carry out the battle by basically throwing dices for your weakest units, then for stronger etc. For every “hit” you make, the defender must freely designate(not remove) any unit as a lost unit.
      (Note that there are some special cases in which defender must remove a certain unit. For example, when you make a first shot hit with a submarine, defender must remove a naval unit. Check rules for details.)

    5. Then defender rolls for his units (including just designated lost units) and for every hit he makes you must REMOVE one of your units from battleboard as destroyed.

    6. Defender REMOVES units which he designated as lost.

    7. Attacker rolls again…(repeat steps above)

    Hope it helps…

  • ya that helps alot. Thanks man

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