Breaking in New Players

  • Is Axis & Allies Europe an easier game to break in new players compared to the older original Axis & Allied? I’m attempting to convert my Risk playing friends to Axis & Allies.

  • '10

    I think original is a little easier….sub rules are easy…no convoys or interceptors…tech can make the game fun…more countries…more naval variety w/Japan in the game

  • i’d agree mostly, the rules i think are a bit easier in Classic, but the strategy I think is more easily grasped in AAE because of the smaller numbers of powers only focusing on Europe.

  • I usually D-day, but that’s because it’s insultingly simple

  • I would say classic is the one to break people in with, then move on to Europe and then Pacific. The rules have gotten more complex since classic which was pretty simple and had few “and/if” rules like Europe and Pacific have. I know personally that after playing AAE and AAP it is hard to go back to classic because it is so simple, so you might just try and have them watch you play or they play a game with you but you help them out the first game or two, like tell them when to do a SBR or why it is important to build infantry only for Russia, simple strategy like that. I have learned to keep noobs interested you can’t own them their first game, or they will just quit and never want to play again.

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