Axis and allies anniversary edition?

  • Hey Guys

    I was wondering, if anyone know where i can get my hands on axis and allies anniversary edition? Cant find it in any stores in Denmark were i am from. I would realy like this game. As i am a big A&A fan.

    Regards Fess36

  • I am afraid the only place you can find this game is on ebay and be prepared to pay over $200 US.

  • yea saw it on ebay. Damn chame they dont produce this game anymore……

  • I will say this again,  depending on where you are, look at your phone book and visit every small local gaming store and you will be surprised.  Do this first before spending money on ebay.  It will take some time but that’s part of the fun.  AA50 is worth it!

  • yea ok will give it a shot…… but i live in a tiny country…Denmark…not many boardgames shops here 🙂

  • It will be kind of like finding a needle in a haystack. Or maybe even finding a needle in a stack of needles. Good luck!

  • Sorry Fess36,

    Let me know if you are still interested, I’ll take a look.

    There’s a shop in Hawaii that still had it on stock (I called about 2 months ago; I already have two sets, one for play and one new), also not sure what the shipping rates are like to Denmark but instead of being ripped off at ebay, I can always help out a fellow AA player.

    Never asked if he does direct shipping but here’s the store information for your information:

    Armchair Adventurer
    1287 Kalani St # 105
    Honolulu, HI 96817-4960
    (808) 843-1250

    Try to give him a call and find out if he is willing to ship it, if not let me know and I can pickup and arrange for shipping.

    Last time I checked it was $100 + 4.712% tax, not sure if he raised his prices or not but probably not.

  • And now you will have to bear every other person on this forum that is looking for one.

  • Fess36,

    Dang, just called the store and they are out (I think I did too good of a job advertising on this forum, couple months back).  The owner has one copy (opened, it’s his playing copy) but he was “willing” to part with it for $200.

    I sent you an email so let me know what you think.

    Question: are you looking for AA50 to have one or more for playing?



  • Theres a online boardgame shop over here in Singapore who ordered from his distributor and gave me a nice price of SGD130/USD90 :). Keep on hunting, you can definitely find one shop similar to this.

  • Boy were you lucky. You may want to go buy yourself a lotto ticket now.

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