Twilight Imperium.

  • It hasn’t been mentioned on here in over 2 years, and that thread had no responses.  That doesn’t auger well but here goes:

    Twilight Imperium 3rd edition is a great game.  Its art and pieces are ripped off from many places (Star Wars mainly).  Its battle system mirrors A&A quite closely (d10 instead of d6) and its production is kind of similar.  It’s quite a long game as the game’s depth of strategy is, well, deep  :roll:.  It’s taken over my gaming group almost exclusively, whereas we used to play all different sorts of games.

  • You mean that awful vampire book series that proves American women LOVE reading about a mary sue character achetype?

  • rofl no.  I mean the game based around interplanetary domination and politics.

  • A friend of mine is continually telling me I’ll like it better than A&A. I’ve agreed to give it a whirl with his group in November. I’m looking forward to the change of pace, if it is.

  • There has been an adaption of this map for TripleA.
    Using a d6 instead, due to engine limitations, but nicely done for the rest, and having good and complete documentation/rules.

    You can a screenshot of it, as well as the easy-to-install TripleA and the Map itself at the

    TripleA Supply Depot:


  • I have played TI3 many times. But now my gaming group had enough of it for a while. The thing is that you spend most of your time building up an empire (even with simulated early turns), then get into a war and al is won or lost with a major battle, in which both sides spend all their extreme action cards. Then one side will have won that battle and their is no reason whatsoever to stop the war and let your victim live. Except if others attack you in the back.

    We also play a lot of Napoleon in Europe (Eagle Games) and there you always have the opportunity to sue for peace. Sure, you’ll lose a couple of provinces, but you may not get DoW-ed by the aggressor for a year and your army is intact.

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