Imperious Leader Pimps your AA50 game in two pages or less:

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    working on this.

    A few ideas:

    1)Units that do not have combat and move in NCM can move +1 movement point ( solution to the fact that the map has many territories and it will take longer to play)

    2)Defender may retreat after the first round of combat

    1. Paratroopers attack at +1 in opening round

    2. each cruiser gets one free roll at 1 in opening round that can be applied to air units

    3. AA guns hit only bombers on a 5-6, but the plane is not destroyed. It cannot perform its mission. ( considered damaged)

    Reason: AA guns can’t really shoot down aircraft in the numbers represented in AA, but level bombers must fly slowly over target to be accurate.

    1. more to come.

  • @Imperious:

    Replace Land Technology #1 with the following:
    1. Heavy Tanks. You may now build Heavy Tanks which are 4-4-2-8 units and these can boost up to 2 infantry +1 in attack.

    This replaces Improved Artillery Tech with something that is an actual technology.

    I say not a infantry boost, but mech inf.

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    Mech Infantry are not IN AA50

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