Aa gun, ncm question

  • if jap takes india on J2 combat, can jap move aa gun from ind to bur on J2 ncm?

  • Hey kathfishkris,

    The answer is no.  Page 20 of the rulebook, step 6, conclude combat states:

    “An antiaircraft gun or industrial complex in the captured territory remains there but now belongs to your side (see Liberating a Territory, below). If you capture an antiaircraft gun, you cannot move it in the Noncombat Move phase of the same turn. If you capture an industrial complex, you cannot mobilize new units there until your next turn.”

    Hope this helps, I’m not Krieghund so have to go with the rulebook citation!

    The Dude abides!!!

  • Official Q&A

    Good answer.  It really tied the rules together.

  • Woo hoo!

    Finally got one right (before Krieghund!!!).

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