• How does removing units work after a battle? Say you received a hit from a fighter, do you HAVE TO remove a fighter or higher value unit, or can you remove an infantry even if the hit was from a fighter.

  • you choose what you want to remove, except in some cases your restricted when your under attack by subs or under attack with subs. All land battles with air units you can choose what you want to lose.

  • Therefore Saltz, keep that in mind in your strategies.  Always, I MEAN ALWAYS, have enough infantry fodder to bring to battle.  This is an economic war as much as anything.  If you keep losing tanks and planes on hits because you don’t have enough ‘fodder infantry’ to throw to the wolves you will surely lose your battles.  Unless of course your opponent’s buys are the same as yours.

    Hey, there’s an idea.  Have a war with no infantry or artillery.  See how that works out.  Might be fun, never know.

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