• Has any body worked on putting or used crusiers in AAP?

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    I’m actually in the middle of a game right now. I didn’t start with any (used oob setup), but used the price chart from AA50. Seems to be working so far, but does give the US a bit more of an advantage. Maybe reduce US income by 5 to compensate. Honestly though, both sides still end up buying a lot of destroyers. The US to cover a lot of ocean. The Japanese to use as transports.

  • You may know that the newest version, AAP1940, includes cruisers.  However, they attack and defend on a 3, while the Destroyers have been reduced to attack and defense on a 2.  There has been some discussion about the proper evaluation of cruisers in the AAP1940 forum.

    The problem is that the Cruisers cost 12 IPC and att/def = 3/3
    while the Destroyers cost 8 IPC and att/def = 2/2

    A heads up matchup between the two ships at equal IPC value will favor the Destroyers.  Destroyers get special anti-sub capabilities.  The Cruisers may bombard an island the way Battleships do.  Therefore each ship has a special function, but the Destroyers are proving more valuable at 8 IPCs apiece, and there is some thought the Cruisers might be better at 11 IPC for balance, or maybe the Destroyers will come up to 9 IPC.

  • Sence I got AAA50 I always play with crusiers even when I go back to AAE and AAP it just makes it better.
    Although I agree that destroys price tag should be increased.

  • Well, this is my first post….and this is a really old topic, so it may go unnoticed.
    I have been playing Pacific with cruisers for quite some time. It has changed the game play for the better.    We give Japan 3 cruisers to start…one in Japan, one in the Carolines, and one with the Sz 45 fleet.  The U.K. Gets one in the Sz 50 fleet and one in the capital port in Australia.  the US gets one on the west coast.  Cost is 14 IPC…attacks and defends at “3”…and has AA capability of one round of fire…one die roll only at “1” regardless of how many aircraft are involved.  The destroyer costs have been reduced to 10 IPC…and their attack defense is down to “2”.  The setup gives Japan some additional firepower in round one…not that they need it…the Allied cruisers are positioned so they are not attacked on round one.  Initial advantage to Japan, but the cruiser down in Sz 50 can give that little fleet some options that we not available…The US has the “bucks” so they can buy one each round if desired…this can make for a better end game.  By the way,  we play that Japan doesn’t win with the capture of India.  Upon capture Japan gets a one-shot 150 IPC bonus to spend next round. 100 for Japan…and 50 for the India complex (max 5 units) …victory count is adjusted to “28”…it’s much different play that the original set-up and brings new life into an already great game… Any comments ?

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    Sounds good.  Time to drag out the old  Pacific game…

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    I Forgot that the game did not have Cruisers! I, too, Like your ideas and always liked Pacific. I do not get to play much any more (friends have moved away and I have young children), otherwise, I would have tried out your HRs.
    Thanks for posting.

  • Thanks guys…I really enjoy the game, I guess everyone likes to tinker with game rules a little.  I have about every version of the A&A line, except for the global games…would never have the time for those anyway.  Pacific is a great game, I was just trying to achieve.more action at sea, there are enough land battles in the other versions. I still have never had an opportunity  to use the kamikaze options…maybe someday

  • If I add cruisers to the game, I will go to a 12-sided die roll to increase the differentiation in combat abilities between destroyers, cruisers, and battleships. With respect to AA fire, the Japanese were pretty bad when it came to ship-borne AA weapons, while the US cruisers were on par with the battleships.  I allow for shore-bombardment by all ships, but only in support of an amphibious invasion.  No battleships standing off shore and clearing the area without an invasion. No aerial attacks on infantry either except in conjunction with an infantry unit, whereupon the infantry get a plus 1 on their attack roll, similar to artillery support.

    As a side note, the US refitted an older British Light Cruiser with an armament similar to that of a Fletcher-class destroyer, but with less automatic weapons due to top-heavy problems.  The British rated it as an Anti-aircraft Cruiser.  Just something to think about when defending against air raids with US destroyers.

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