• since 2002 is coming up im going to look back this year axis and allies two new games Pacific and Europe became popualar while the original and cd rom continued to sell.Now I have to wonder what’s next for axis and allies.Anyone have any ideas for new games or things like that.

  • Soon a linkup kit is going to come up so you can play A&A Pacific and Europe together.

  • I got AA Europe for X-mas…haven’t tried it yet, but I was wondering if anyone’s heard anything good about Risk 2210…does it compare to A&A? or is it still behind as far as strategy and complexity? Also, by Avalon Hill, there is the remake of History Of The World.

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  • I do believe History of the World has been revamped recently. You can go the avalon hill’s site to check it out.

  • anyone in here play “world in flames”, is that a good game?

  • Some friends of mine were talking about Risk 2210… Can’t remember what they said about it though…

  • Oh, and I’d like to see a North Africa, maybe Italy game…

  • from what I’ve read on RISK 2210, is that the same combat rules apply as with the general play of the game compared to the original. The new differences include underwater territories and cities, nuclear tech., moon territories, and “commanders”. The commanders are basically acquring diff. tech. capabilities. There is a Nuclear Comm., Moon Comm., Naval Comm., Diplomatic Comm., and one more i forget…each comm. plays a different role. Overall, from what I’ve read without seeing any board or anything, I think I’ll be sneaky and convice my friend to buy it so we can experiment…muwahahaha!!!

  • yeah A north Africa game featuring Italy would be cool but I think it would have to start in 1940 or 41 to have Italy involved.

  • Id like to see another expansion in which all the theatres are involved but more in detail then the original game or WaW.

  • An eastern front game would be awesome. You could have intricate battles in which you could direct troops against specific areas of a front. You could command your troops much like a real general did.

  • yeah nothing like great strategic battles on the Eastern front.

  • OR…how bout a detailed W. Europe version? From D-Day, right up to the Rhine-Land. There could be the beach landings, battles for towns and villiages, fights for bridges…hmmm…the possibilities.

  • I would like to see WWI. The teams can be britain, france,USA/Russia vs. Germany, Austria, and the ottomans. WWI style units and a huge european map! Gallipoli the somme, Verdun, that would make for a great game.

  • I think that would be a terrible game. Pouring troops into the trenches in france for a couple of years and then finally pushing out becuase one side gets tired of fighting. Sounds like great fun.

  • hey it doesn’t havce to be that way.The one thing iv’e always like about Axis and allies is how it doesn’t have to be exactly the same as history.

  • perhaps enlighted generalship could win the war. WWI commanders were not known for thier creativity…

  • Yeah! You could also have rats, infestation, disease, and all that other cool trench stuff! SWEET!

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    Also the trench war could have possibly been avoided. I believe the last words of the author of the Schlieffen Plan, Germany’s main battle plan for WWI (and WWII for that matter) were “keep the right arm strong”(paraphrased)
    If (as was done in WWII) the Germans had used a bit more force in the initial swing through Belgium it could have been a different war.

    Ever played Guns of August? I’m with Sten I think it would be a good game.

  • Exactly! The Great war was a remarkably dynamic war. What if Germany played defensively against russia and went even stronger at france? what if gallipoli succeeded? in addition, the politics of the time could be simulated, to make things more intresting treatys and neutrality could be used in the initial stages of the game. new tech developements like the tank could really change the situation in europe. and you could even have a battle of the atlantic like AAE. This would be soooo cool.

  • it should be like diplomacy, where you get to make the alliances, etc. In that way no game is the same.

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    You could start the Game with the treaties that existed in July of 1914. Then make a system for breaking or creating treaties and alliances. The possibilities are huge.

    It would basically be a combination of Diplomacy and Axis and Allies.

  • Yes yes. This is the Game of all Games.

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    Another Idea is taking SquadLeader and replacing the tiles with plastic miniatures like the ones Axis and Allies. Then maybe adding 3D buildings and terian features etc.

    SquadLeader is a fun game but I think it would be beter with miniatures.

  • yeah i like the idea of diplomacy but the game’s military possibilities is weak, a combination of A&A and Diplomacy would be great.

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