Sig33 & Soviet 203mm guns, crewed

  • I try to make sure that each crewman just did, or is doing, or about to do something. No gratuitious (spelling?) figures.

      For the sig; 1 man is directing, 1 man is spotting, 1 man is ramming the split ammo into the breech, and 2 men are honking ammo (split part ammo, with the powder charges in small brass cartridges).Thier are cartidge cases, stacked (unspent) cartridges, and spent cartridges all around the ground.

    For the 203mm; 1 commander and 1 radio man are discussing and calling in orders, 1 loader is operating the hoist to lift a shell in its 4-wheeled cradle and 2 other men are honking ammo for him (straining to jointly lift a shell), 1 man is getting into his chair while another is about to dismount.

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    hey post those V2’s your making for me!

    show them off!

  • They are posted ! 😄

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