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Snipers anyone?

  • Has the idea of snipers ever been tossed around?  My buddy and I were thinking it would be a great addition to the game.  First strike against other infantry, higher defense due to hidden position.  Could be a 1-3-1-5 with the 3 being for the first round of defensive fire only before going back to a 2.  First strike capability on first round attack only or every round?  Any feedback, ideas?

  • Of course, specific infantry would make the game even more complex (and probably more fun). But then, how about Anti-tank? How about machine guns? Etc. It will make the game too complex. And the box just can’t handle that many types of units.

    Its a great idea, (I personnally would love more complex) but I don’t think it is feasible


  • the peices on the board represent divisions, corps, etc.
    Each infantry model on the board probably has about 100 snipers in it. but it consists of maybe 10,000 - 50,000 men total, so the snipers dont have that much of an effect.

    Snipers would be a good unit for a stalingrad A&A game, but now your getting into a different area of gaming….tactical gaming.

    A&A, Risk, Diplomacy…are strategic games.
    Flames of War, A&A Miniatures, Warhammer…are tactical games

    Strategic games deal with commanding grand campaigns, where tactical games are more like chess, each piece has a different and unique task. Snipers fill a tactical roll. If bishops are your long range artillery, rooks, the armor, then the knight is a sniper…for example.

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