IL, Champaign: Axis and Allies Miniature and Revised Gamers Wanted

  • Seeking A&A Miniature and A&A Revised Gamers in the Champaign/Urbana, Illinois area.  Respond to this post or PM/email me if interested.  Thanks! -John

  • I am Living In Decatur for the summer and love to play the game. reply back if interested

  • Holy crap…

    I lived in Champaign for 3 years in college and could almost never find anyone to play with.  Gaming at The Dragon’s Table on Saturday nights was the closest I came, outside of my roommate George.

    Anyways, I live in Minnesota now but I might be moving back at the end of the summer.

    BTW, play 1942 or PAC40 too.

  • I live in Champaign and would be interested in Global 40 game.

  • i live in bourbonnais, illinois. I can’t imagine that being too far away from Champaign in fact I have a few friends who live up there

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