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  • So I’ve done a bit of planning before some recent games on some unusual first turn moves… thought I would run them by the group. I apologize on being brief with some of the descriptions, I’m just going to cover the concepts in general.
    America -

    First purchase - 1 Carrier, 2 bombers
    Moves - Do basic attacks, nothing special, just do the ones that make sense. Non-Com move all bombers (3) to Alaska, along with all planes (3 make it). All boats from Western US (SZ 56) go to Alaska as well as any from 53. Don’t forget to pick-up guy in midway with transport.
    Placement - Entire purchase goes on Western / sea zone 56.

    Following turn it enables you to attack Japan fleet in 62 with:

    Battleship, Cruiser, Sub, Transport (w/ two inf if you want), 5 bombers, 3 fighters (2 at least that land on carrier in 62; all 3 if you control buryatia) If opponent did nothing second turn to reinforce 62 or Japan, consider attacking Japan with transport and send bombers to land battle to assist.


    First purchase -
    Three transports, Carrier - save two IC

    Moves -
    Fend off Russia with what you can spare, keep in mind you need 4 tanks and 4 inf accessable from SZ 5 for transports. Keep boats in SZ 5 with exception to sub, move sub to SZ 3 to block off british. Leave sub in SZ 7, the same with SZ 8 if its still there. Bulk up Norway and Northwestern Europe with planes and men, leave two planes to place on carrier when it comes in play.

    All units get placed in SZ 5
    Following turn it allows you to attack Brittan with:
    Cruiser, Destroyer, Carrier, 4 Transports, 5 Fighters, 1 Bomber, 4 Tanks, 4 Inf
    **Should you choose to, you could only purchase two transports, a carrier, and a destroyer if you fear a British air attack on your ships.

    Thoughts? Other crazy ideas?

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    I’ll weigh in first.

    Kudos for thinking out of the box.

    Your American plan depends greatly on what Japan does first.  You will need a plan B and C.
    You’re dreaming if you think there is any way you will be assaulting Japan on round 2 with America.  However, I like the fact that you are thinking all out attack on Japan immediately with USA in 1942 scenario.  Japan is vulnerable.  There is a lot of money in the Pacific.  I usually prefer to take a Southerly route through the Pacific.  NW Canada is an excellent place for land units, fighters and bombers.  The infantry can get to Eastern Canada in one move for potential transporting to Europe/Africa, and all units are adjacent to the same sea zone as California so can be transported and bombers pose heavy threat to all Japanese boats.

    Germany strat I like better.  UK is vulnerable early on.  Russia can be hard to take down.  Again, I would wait and see what Russia does round 1 before buying 3 transports.  I always buy a carrier round one with Germany and load it with fighters.  UK would be crazy to attack you with two fighters and a bomber against a loaded carrier, destroyer and cruiser, so you don’t have to worry about that.  That said, you are correct that 4 inf, 4 tanks, 5 fighters a bomber and possibly a cruiser bombardment would be tough to defend.  If your opponent is not wise and builds a carrier and flies his planes onto it, you will probably take over the UK round 2.  But only rookies would do that.  Also, it is a risky move if you fail.

    If I was Allies and you made that German move, I would have a destroyer on the East Coast of UK to stop bombardment (you could attack it with Italian fighter, however).  I would buy several land units, including some tanks (probably 6-8 altogether), to answer your threat and also because I will be needing them anyway for future amphibious assaults.  I would leave the 2 UK fighters there.  I might land the USA fighter there, too, depending on how much UK actually bought.  I would probably even land 4 USA land units there as well with the starter transports.  I would probably land 1-2 more US bombers there too.  At this point, you would need jet fighters tech to even think about assaulting UK.  And keep in mind, I’m lucky at rolling AA fire 😉

    In conclusion, I think it’s a good plan to quickly topple an opponent that doesn’t have too much A&A under their belt.  But for any seasoned player, I’m afraid it is a somewhat weak opening move.

    Welcome to the forums, and I hope you post more!

  • move sub to SZ 3 to block off british

    Sadly, every ship can choose to ignore the sub.

  • I was under the impression that only subs can subs unless submerged.

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    Nope - even unescorted TRANSPORTS can waltz right by subs in combat movement.

  • good plan get russia involved to help with the bury issue.dont take your foot of the gas once youve committed keeping japan occupied up there can do nothing but help the allies. because of the resources that are being used for that instead of other places japan needs to be.but this means brits and russians are dependent on each other more than ever.but if you stay aggresive and dont let up this means using all your resources that america has to fight that war it just may prove intersting.i think ill give this a try with a little russian help it may payoff.

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