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How long does a game of revised take?

  • medium experienced players, no tech, no NA’s

  • @Frontovik:

    medium experienced players, no tech, no NA’s

    It depends on how close the competition is, how quickly they play, and what you’re playing to(8-10 VC’s or concessions). I’ve been in games that went 6 hours and could have gone longer. I’ve been in games that went 3 hours and the eventual winner was obvious. The longer games tend to be more fun, against some really even competition that can happen. If you surf some of the game boards, some can go around 20 rounds which seems ridiculous while other games might only go 6.

  • I just had a game where my friend conceeded after Russia’s second turn. Total time was a little over an hour. The game before that, same teams, took us about 12 rounds and over ten hours.

  • Normaly against an equaly skilled opponent my games take aout 3-4 hours.
    It depends on if you think ahead during your opponents turn.

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