China Free Mod version 0.2

  • Hi pals! A new version of China Free Mod has been developed (download it at It doesn’t change the original rules of the mod, but includes the AABattlemap module for 1942 scenario and also includes some changes for 1942 map, making the Pacific campaing a must for USA (and thus countering the boosted China)

    Just to clarify: 1941 scenario remains the same for the mod (from 0.1 version, of course). Changes and module are all for 1942 scenario

    Changes for 0.2 (from rules.txt file of the mod)

    While 1941 scenario remains unchanged, a new module is done for 1942 scenario. I changed some things to make sure USA has to fight the Pacific Ocean:

    • Alaska is now 3 IPCs
    • WUSA changed to California and is now 8 IPCs
    • CUSA changed to Springfield and is now 4 IPCs. It only has 1 inf at start
    • Perry Channel unfrozen and merged with z64. z64 has NOT frontier with ECan
    • New territory, Oregon, is 3 IPCs value. It has frontier with WCan, Springfield, California and z56. It starts with 1 inf
    • USA’s NO: all of WUSA, CUSA, EUSA changed to -> 5 of Ala, Haw, Ore, Cal, Spr, EUSA

    All other stuff of China’s mod in 1942 scenario remains unchanged

    Designer’s notes for American changes:

    I wanted force USA to spend at least some resources to Pacific theater. While I think a full KGF is not a good option even
    in vanilla, I wanted be totally sure that a full KGF in China mod, 1942 scenario will be a real bad idea. So, I made all these
    changes in America to make sure USA gets real trouble if they try ignore Japan (or if Japan beats a Pacific focused USA). Now
    Polar Express is utterly easy because Oregon means California built tanks cannot hit Alaska after they are build and general
    shuck is slowed by 1 turn. Also, unfrozen Bering Sea means old good days of Revised came back (Japan again can unload there
    troops from Japan). Also, Alaska now 3 IPCs, a thing I was thinking before, was now a must if Japan wants use Improved Industry
    boost. If USA dares ignore Japan, Japan will give a world of pain to USA now, because the new value of 8 for California means
    USA can potentially face 13 japanes units (Japan, improved Alaska) with only 8 if USA chooses build inf from California as
    start of a slower shuck

    But even more, I wanted force USA defend not only from a tactical point of view: I wanted make pay it by economics. So, moddifing
    USA’s cores NO means USA will have very few income to defend from a Polar Express (34). The modded NO means USA will lose it if they
    lose both Alaska and Hawaii, mainly (while some other combos are possible), but it doesn’t hit USA badly if they build a Pacific fleet
    but Japan sneaks one rogue trannie to only one of ala/haw. Also, I added Alaska to one of Japan’s NOs just to add more salt in
    the wound

    Don’t get confused, I don’t mind if USA spends more money to Europe than Pacific. It can be done, but now you are forced to have
    at least a fleet able of defend your rear as USA. This forced focus counters improved China status, a thing I felt was needed
    for 1942 scenario -> a more easy Asia but a more difficult Europe. I think this scenario ensures a exciting campaing not
    only in Pacific/Asia, but also in Europe

    Finally, a note for american territories names. California was pretty clear, and Springfield was named so as homage to Simpsons series
    (one of the best things United States have); vanilla names were too impersonal so I wanted change them. However, EUSA is too great
    for giving it a non generic name, so I left as it was. Finally, I was tempted of naming the new territory as Washington, but
    it could give some confussion with US capital city, so Oregon was the best I could find

    Names for NOs

    I’ll probably add them in future modules, but I think possible names would be


    Greater Shpere of Co-Prosperity (4 of kwa, sol, phi, etc)
    Asia for the asians (Man, Kia, FIC)
    Fall of Occident (1 of haw, ala, ind, aus)


    Expand communism (3 of nor, bul, hun, etc)
    Lend-Lease (ark+no allied troops)


    Barbarossa (3 of epol, bst, etc)
    Fall Blau (kar or cau)
    Living Space (german cores)


    The Commowealth (all of aus, can, nzel, etc)
    Liberation of Europe (fra, bal)
    Liberation of Pacific (one of Japan’s cores)


    Mare Nostrum (mediterranen SZs)
    New Roman Empire (3 of Egypt, fra, trj, gib)


    Burma Road (mod)
    Fading Sun (mod)


    Democracy’s arsenal (USA’s cores)
    I’ll be back! (phi)
    D-Day (fra)
    Island hooping (east Pacific islands)

  • Oh, I’ll welcome all constructive suggestions or opinions of my mod. You should check the setup, I think it’s correct, but I can make mistakes 🙂 Of course, Oregon and Springfield are correct with their lone infs as homeguard …

  • A small bug in UK deploy: z2 should have a cruiser instead of a dd (same as vanilla game). I’ll correct it as soon as I can

  • How about a new National Objective for the US such as this:

    1. Reduce IPC in the U.S. by some value so the below national objective doesn’t change things radically.

    2. +5 IPC to the U.S. if no Axis units are present in sea zones adjoining North America. Those are sea zones 20, 55, 56, 65, 64, 19, 10, 9, 1.

    Heck, maybe it should be +10. Or two +5 National Objectives, one covering Western North America, and the other – Eastern, with corresponding reductions to North American IPC so that on average the change in US IPC income isn’t radically different, but gives the Axis a way to annoy the U.S., while giving the U.S. a way to respond. The KISS principle would seem to imply one National Objective should be enough to cover this. Also, since the U.S. already has four National Objectives, I propose we drop one. The first one, which gives +5 IPC if the U.S. has all three U.S. mainland territories, seems rather useless in most games. I say get rid of it, incorporate that +5 IPC into the three U.S. mainland territories (+2/+2/+1) and let’s give the Axis a realistic prospect for hurting the Allies by attacking their supply lines. Japan would be the most realistic prospect for sustaining such a campaign, in most games, probably with the occasional submarine or destroyer, thus suggesting a U.S. response.

  • @johnmk:

    I propose we drop one. The first one, which gives +5 IPC if the U.S. has all three U.S. mainland territories, seems rather useless in most games

    I solved this (see rules, one jap NO and one USA’s NO was changed  :-). Also I think making California 8 IPCs value is essencial to ensure failure of ignore japan strat

    Thanks for the input anyway

  • @Funcioneta:

    A small bug in UK deploy: z2 should have a cruiser instead of a dd (same as vanilla game). I’ll correct it as soon as I can


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