Larry Harris thoughts on House rules in AA50…

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    Flying Tigers… This has not been my experience. I choose my Flying Tigers attack carefully. I consider it the main defensive unit the Chinese have and I use it accordingly. If the Japanese want it bad enough they are going to get it. Look on the bright side – if the Japanese attack this fighter there’s some other place they did not attack and if they attack this fighter they are attacking it at its best possible combat defense number (4). On the other hand, if you’d like to be able to move it out of China, in order to reduce its exposure, I think this would not upset any great logic or game balance. I don’t really know how you could still call them the Flying Tigers however. You might end up calling them the Punjabi air force (some how that just doesn’t have the same impact does it…) My intent in reducing Chinese units to just China was to reflect the lack of Chinese impact on the outside world. It was, after all, very much looking “with in” and never would be trying to influence anything outside China. The last thing I wanted to see in the game was Chinese units fighting Japanese units in Moscow…. It’s guys like and your group who eventually prove me wrong or right. I’m beginning think that you are right. Solution… Place 2 more Chinese (in either scenarios) infantry on Yunnan. Make em really pay!

    He also said to try the cruisers at 10 IPC. This may balance out the combat results.

  • Is this an official rule change?

    I support it, the Allies get wooped in my games. espeacilly China

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    its his suggestion to AA50. I would take it as an effort toward a solution and who better than him to design it?

  • @Imperious:

    its his suggestion to AA50. I would take it as an effort toward a solution and who better than him to design it?

    right, he hasnt made any other suggestions like this has he?

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    not before. This is a first.

    If i was him i would lay all these ideas on the table including ideas that didn’t make the cut, so we can play it out using his intent to see how it effected play. Sometimes the rule is great but they didn’t have time to playtest enough for the final.

    these rules would form the back of new house rules as they point us in the right direction.

  • In our world at war game, we had the same problem.
    Japan take out China too fast. (China was divided in 13 territory).
    But 2 years ago I resolved the problem.
    I divided China in 17 territoy!
    Much harder for Japanese player to go through.
    I keep the Volounteer fighter rule (flying tiger) and it’s much better….

  • …interesting…

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