• Hey all,  I first played the original Axis and Allies game about 15 years ago.  I have not played since.  I do remember it was my favorite board game.  I would like to play this game with my family and some friends.  There are so many versions of this game Im really confused on what to buy (which ebay seems to be the only way to get it)  Does anyone mind giving me a brief summary of the different versions and what you would recommend?  I can tell you the 50th anniversary is out  of my price range  😛 .    Original, Revived or wait for the August release?  I got my son all excited talking about this game but I don’t know which one to get!


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    Buy the new AA42 because its stripped version. Easiest to deal with. For Christmas buy your wife AAP40 and watch the fireworks 😄

  • What will be the primary differences between revised and the new AA42?  It looks like I can get revised at a affordable price on ebay.  Will the AA42 be readily available when it comes out?

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    AA42 is easier and plays faster. Its got the aa50 prices on units, so you can bomb the enemy out of business.

    Its for like $25 bucks on preorder. comes out in less than 3 weeks.

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