Will North Korea launch nuclear missiles towards the U.S.A

  • @Emperor_Taiki:

    Winning was possible if we our people and government would have been willing to invade North Veitnam. That should have been the policy starting in 56 when the North Veitamese began their attacks southward.

    Vietnam was no more than colonial meddling that started with our support of French occupied territories.  We actually subverted democracy to satisfy our own notions of “security.”  This is why the war continued for so long.  We would have come out far ahead not getting into it in the first place.  We saw it as fighting communism (dumb) when the Vietnamese saw it as unification, overthrowing foreign invaders, and the beginning of autonomy.

    To think that killing more Vietnamese (and Americans) for no purpose than scoring a victory is surely a dark stain on what we supposedly stand for.

    ( removed last line). Lets keep it friendly please.

  • The North Veitnamese saw it as unification.

    And I argee the half-heated and theoretical way our leaders pursued the war was ubsurd, ineffective and wrong.

    But having “communist” dicatorships spring up across the whole without putting up any resistence would defenitently be detremental to capitalism, the US and its allies. And I think the destruction that the war caused did at least retard the spread of Communism, after all Communists nations did seem to go downhill from 1975 onwards. We wernt exactly supporting democracy in veitnam, but wouldnt you say that the NVA and VC made democracy rather difficult. And I think it is important to spread democacy around the world because it tames populations and leaders if they have a demacratic government.

  • Being a Canadian we always have an opinion on everything. 😄

    In my opinion I believe North Korea is acting like a spoiled teenage child wanting attention.

    Think about it. They have been isolated from the real world for half a century now and they want in on the world action but are not sure how to proceed to get the US to pay attention to them, so they threat nuclear to strike a cord and get noticed. The more US ignores them the worst it will get, but I do not believe they are going to be that stupid to actually start something they cannot win. The US will eventually come around to them and give them some the attention they want, and give their poor egos that little bit of a stroking they are longing for. The US is (right now) trying to smooth things a little (for Japan’s sake) but does not like being threatened, and I do not think they have much interest in NK either way.

    I agree with frimmel that China needs the US too much and with a44bigdog on all three of his points as well. China has made too much headway in the last decade to destroy all they have accomplished over a north - south fued that is half a century old.

    Once Kim dies and the north opens up slowly more and more to radio, tv and internet, its people will not want a war, but will want change towards more say and more freedoms and liberties, more like a Chinese democracy.

    Thats my two cents worth. 8-)

  • I believe that no country will ever directly attempt to use a nuclear weapon against another country that also posses that weapon. Even if a mad dictator would want it, I have faith that his generals are clever enough to not set their country and our world to doom.

    Also, China might be friendly with Korea, but I doubt China would actually be involved in a conflict if N.Korea acts stupid

    Also, no WWIII close, sorry bro.

    I believe OBama, and future American presidents will be more concerned about USA reputation than Bush, so UN will have some impact.

    I believe both Iran and North Korea are more or less the same. None really want to strike someone with Nuke (IRan hates Israel, but will not strike first). They just want some attention, some strenght on the international market.

    Countries should act like us, Canada. No need for weapons, no need for nuclear weapon (I’ve read somewhere that Canada is probably a country that can build a nuke very quickly due to our numerous nuclear reactors and our technology). I suppose international news never mention us, its like we don’t exist. Except when baby seals get hunted. That’s the only time you will hear about Canada

  • @Omega:

    Countries should act like us, Canada. No need for weapons, no need for nuclear weapon (I’ve read somewhere that Canada is probably a country that can build a nuke very quickly due to our numerous nuclear reactors and our technology). I suppose international news never mention us, its like we don’t exist. Except when baby seals get hunted. That’s the only time you will hear about Canada

    The whole “Existence of Canada” issue is a bunch of liberal propaganda, no country could that perfect! 😄

    but on a more seirous note, I hope you understand that the independence of your country aswell as most others is the perpetual responsibilty of the United States Armed Forces.

  • I have no doubt that USA armed forces are playing a major role in today international scene. I also do not believe in : let’s stop war, let’s stop making weapon. Its not that easy.

    That said, some weapons, especially weapons of mad destruction, appear to me uneeded. If ever they were to be used again (I’m trying to argue that no nation would directly use them, never), it would be our doom. That some countries are struggling to acquire them, it appears to me illogical, although I can understand their deside to be acknowledged as major power in their area. Luckily for us, Canadians, none of our politicians have that desire of playing a bigger role worldwide. We do our parts with UN peace keeping, we give money (not enough) to the poor. That’s it. We are usually ranked high in term of peace, lack of corruption, good place to live, etc. But you will never see us playing major roles.

    However, recent decision by conservative party make me believe that we are going the wrong way. Maybe you are aware of this : Northern part of Canada is melting (well not Canada, but the sea), and is now a major dispute between countries. Our beautiful Prime Minister want to increase our military power in the area to claim the sea. That is the wrong way IMO and is contrary to our ways of life.

    I think it is false to say that our Independence is directly guaranteed by USA armed forces. Our natural position give us a powerful defense against the rest of the world that might hate us for I don’t know what reason. Only USA could seriously invade us, and they don’t realy want it, do you? 😛
    But like said earlier, I agree that USA armed forces are playing a major role in today balance of power. But I wouldn’t go as far as saying that you make peace -.-

    And I do not believe any country can threaten the USA today, not even in the state you are economically. You are probably your biggest enemy if you ask me.
    Call me optimist if you wish, but I do not believe that a major war will happen again if we all do our parts. Of course, that is if USA can acknowledge that there are other countries in this world, and that some of them, if not all, wants to participate in the future of mankind (No more With us or against us bushit, please)

    No harm intended 🙂 Usa is a great nation and great country to have below us

  • Ok… sorry it has took me months to reply but i have read and thought about everyone’s opinions and facts but didnt Gen Patton say “YOU SHOULDNT OVERESTIMATE AN ENEMY…”
    And to the people that is in Canada I have not one problem with you or your leaders but you have flaws as do we but no country can not have nuclear weapons or weapons without seriously risking their country… Seriously think of countries in the past that didnt have much of a military… Poland was 1 in WW2 and did you notice how fast Germany took ova them it was quick and fast and Poland couldnt do much about it besides ask for help… Also you guys from Canada think about this if a theif or cerial killer has a gun and brakes into your house but you dont have a gun… in all logical thinking the guy with the gun is going to win… So my point is we are involved in Middle East and we dont have as much as a defence as some (including myself) thinks… and do you really think Obama is going to strengthen that weekness ( i do not have a problem with Obama)… To many people (leaders and government) are wanting to cut out weapons of mass desrtuction and all that stuff (i see their point) but we need to have a defence we need something to defend ourselves… because there are people in this world (like terrorists) that would just kill and kill and we couldnt stop and if we did we would have a heavy loss victory… Also think people from Canada if you people dont have guns then what are you going to do if your government makes a crazy decision and people goes crazy, you wont have a rebellion becuase you dont have anything to fight reasonablely with remember you have no weapons fight with besides um what bats… the government would kil you fast… they would crush every and any rebellion because the people have nothing to fight with… thats why 1 of america’s admanments is the right to bear arms because the founding fathers that made that was thiinkg what if in the future this gov makes a very bad choice and by making that decision they made it where if we didnt like the decision we could show a force to either set up a new gov or get them to remove that decision… So we need nucs and we need a military for the defence side of things just in case we are attacked and also i do have weapons because if we are are attacked and our military cant stop the enemy … im going to give them (the enemy) hell with my weapons… Remeber Canada i have nothing against you or your people or your leaders but i dont want a man without a weapon fighting me without a weapon i want a man with a gun… do you see my opinion… i still want to know what you think about what i said and still give me your opinion about n/k threats and what is your idea on the middle east war so keep on replying and such…

  • So basically what you are saying is ……Peace through superior firepower.

  • @Brain:

    So basically what you are saying is ……Peace through superior firepower.

    I also think I picked up on:

    Threatening Canada.
    Needing nukes in case of a homeland invasion…to possibly nuke our own soil in that event?
    That the military needs to be armed to the teeth in case of invasion, but then civilians also need to be armed in such a manner to protect themselves from that same military or the enemy (in case the best, most equipped military in the world can’t stop them).

  • Okay I left out:

    Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.

    If we’re not careful we are going to feel like a one legged man in a butt-kicking contest.

  • the nuke thing i meant if they nuke us we nuke them… sorry for that mis understanding… so are you guys saying you agree or disagree

  • There are very few humans who disagree with that; if someone is attacked, we/they have a “right” to defend/retaliate,
    but these questions and matters are very complex and difficult, there are no simple answers.

    It’s very unlikely (imo) that North Korea will attack South Korea, and/or Japan or USA or any US allies with nukes.

  • North Korea probably has only a few nukes (if that). They are still in their nuclear infancy. They do not have an Intercontinental Balistic Missile to deliver the nuke, so they are limited to Japan or South Korea as targets. Would you bomb your cousins right next door to you and radiate your own soil because they have a different political view? I do not think so. I know they despise Japan, but they would be no match against Japan and it’s allies. Therefore, if they decided in their grand wisdom to drop a nuke on anyone, they better do it as terrorist strike without taking responsibility, or they will be blasted back to the stone age by the rest of the world.
    If I was in charge and that happened, I would not hesitate to retaliate, an eye for an eye. :x

  • I agree with an eye for an eye. However it only takes one crazy person to launch a nuke. When you retaliate you will kill more than the person that you are targeting.

  • I think anyone launching a nuke should ride it in, Slim Pickens style.

  • @Jermofoot:

    I think anyone launching a nuke should ride it in, Slim Pickens style.

    Was that in the movie 1941

  • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

    Slim Pickens as Major King Kong  :lol:

  • “Gentlemen!  There is no fighting in the war room!”

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League


    I agree with an eye for an eye.

    An eye for an eye makes the world blind.

    Of course, the man who turns the other cheek gets bruises on both sides of his face.

  • @frimmel:


    I agree with an eye for an eye.

    An eye for an eye makes the world blind.

    Of course, the man who turns the other cheek gets bruises on both sides of his face.

    Of course I would select military and control targets if possible and not nuke innocent civilians. But there are always innocent casulties in any war.
    Either that or I would send in elite forces to “cut off the head”, at the same time blanket bomb a path right throught the minefields and right into the Capital and then send in overwhelming troops to conquer once and for all and squash any chance of further transgressions.

  • And you would be right there with them(the elite forces) of course. You can’t lead from the rear.

  • @Brain:

    You can’t lead from the rear.

    My girlfriend would beg to differ.

  • Edited. Sorry, it must remain a shade of “PG”.


  • uhh? how did the original question lead to this?

  • Reason why Canada needs no bigger military power :

    USA being our ally would not let any country invade us (Why would a country invade Canada in the first place?)

    If Canada is going to be invaded, only one person can do it, and its the USA. And some more billions$ into conventional weapons are not going to prevent an US invention

    Your logic that we need weapon to defend ourselves is flawed. If someone barge in your house and want to kill you, I doubt you will have the time to wake up from your surprise, go grab your gun (that is well hidden in a safety spot, away from children) and kill the murderer that is sitting in your sofa, eating your pizza.

    You don’t make peace through superior weapons. You make it by discussing with others. Hopefully, Obama sees this. Bush didn’t.

    You know, eventually, if we continue going the weapon route, some countries like China, India will get superior military power. They are over 1 billion. Their economy is going up daily. They will surpass USA economically. They will, if they want (and I hope not) surpass USA militarily eventually. Not today, not tomorrow. In years maybe. You guys are way ahead of them right now. Although I hope they do not chosoe that path for the sake of our world

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