• I got this long ago from one of the options you could turn on for the CD-ROM game of the classic A&A. As long as you have held an IC for a turn you can scorch the factory if you lose it. It seems somewhat realistic and it really benefits Russia by allowing them to slowly fall back and fight a war of attrition string out the supply lines of Germany. Anyone ever try this?

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Yes, it’s alright, but I find it drags the game out a bit needlessly.

    Not many people build IND’s  or can afford to.  And then to watch them burn… sucks :S

  • i was going to make a similar russian national advantage for A&A 50 for russia

    Scorched Earth:
    The Russian player may decide to, in combonation with normal defense, assign units to scorch earth. The defending units roll to hit normaly, at their attack value instead of defense, allocating hits against the territory itself. For each successful hit reduce the IPC value of the territory by 1 during the next collect income phase.

    Example, germany attacks Ukrane with 6 tanks, there are only three defending russian infantry, they stand little chance, so two are assigned to scorch earth……the other defends normaly. They roll a 2 for defense and a 1 and a 5 for scorched earth. The germans lose a tank, and during their collect income phase the Germans only get one for Ukrane instead of two

    Crazy idea…but interesting

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