Anyone care to take over AACalc?

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    If it really is just setting some new unit values, I might be able to do that if someone tells me what they are.

    Ignoring Tech issues:


    Inf:  1/2
    Rt:  2/2  (still enhance 1 inf like Revised)
    Arm:  3/3
    Ftr:  3/4
    Bom:  4/1
    Sub:  2/1 (*)
    DD:  2/2
    Cruiser:  3/3 can amphib (def can return fire)
    AC:  1/2
    BB:  4/4 (2 hit) can amphib (def can return fire)
    Trns:  0/0 (can’t fight, auto killed if attack wins with one unit remaining)

      • Subs can’t be hit by a plane unless a DD is present
        First shot on Off and Def with no return fire (no DD present - similar to Revised)
        Can only hit naval units in battle
        Can still submerge (No DD)
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    But you are right OOL issues for the naval units are a nightmare.

    You can assume (max defense hits):
    sub, dd, ac, ca, ftr, bb

    But I’d " * " it with a note to see above OOL may not apply to your battle.

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    Well, you already have the ability to edit the OOL, so that’s a wash, right?

    Planes not hitting submarines isn’t too big a deal either, the person can just edit the results each round to account for it without too much effort.  Guess you might want to separate the results of fighters and cruisers.

    You’d have to add in a new naval unit, but I assume from my limited programming knowledge, you can do most of that with copy/paste.

    tech could be a nightmare, but common, tech has ALWAYS been a nightmare!  So ignore it.  Many of them can be “fudged” anyway.

    You already have Hbombs.  There are no defending jets anymore, attacking jets can be put in like normal bombers.  Transports don’t defend, so don’t even have a column for them (hey, make it the new navy ship!).  Things like Imp Factories, Imp Shipyards, War Bonds don’t need programming.

    Radar is possible, but that can be done by fudging too, just program in infantry vs bomber or whatever. (Make sure you have = number of infantry per attacking aircraft being AA’d).

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    And Jen, honestly, your sigs continue to be ridiculously long. No one wants to read your entire life philosophy filling half of every screen on this board.

    It’s only 5 lines long, Dan.

    Granted yours is only 1 line long, but still, I don’t think 5 lines is that much to tell the truth.

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    Jen, I count 26 lines in your signature.

    Yeah, those changes are more involved than just adding a new set of unit values. They would involve significant structural changes to the program and that’s just not happening, at least not by me.

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    I don’t count the horizontal rule, thus, there are only 5 lines of text in my signature.  That’s not overly much.  Many people have significantly more.  Hell, I used to have every character allowed as text in my signature.  I don’t see a need to drop it more.  Heck, none of it is “my personal philosophy” it’s all quotes followed by who said them!

    As for the program, why is it that much more? It should, theoretically, just be a matter of removing Transports as a combat unit and adding Destroyers, the rest of it is already there. (just don’t support tech.  We can fudge the rest there.)

    If you do that, you only have to alter 1 unit, Submarines defend at 1 instead of 2.

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    I count all the lines, because they all take an equal amount of space on my screen, and once I’ve read them once, they are all equally interesting.

    On the program: I don’t believe in doing a half-assed job, and I don’t have the time to put in dozens of hours of work on a program for a game that I no longer play.

  • Frood, thank you for the AACalc(s) that you have made.  :-)

    They have been a big help over the years.  :-D

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    Yea, it’s a great program as is.

    I was just curious why it was extra work to convert it for Anniversary is all.  I believe it is, I was just wondering. (I’m not a programmer, I’ve taken programming classes - C+; Java; Fortran but never long enough to be fluent in them.)

    It just seemed like a job that could be cut/paste and/or copy/paste with a few minor text edits to work.

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    I guess the only way to see the difficulty is to try programming it yourself. You can’t just cut and paste. The work involved is not trivial. Perhaps not huge, either, but I just don’t have any time for this.

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    Hi people, this is my first post in many years since I was a member under the name BigBlocky I think it was.  It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is for non-programmers to determine programming complexity.  Hey Frood, what is the status of this thread and kudos for taking it as far as it has?  I’d love to pursue the source-code though I really don’t think I’m going to promise anything.  There shear number of rules/values from the various games becomes a combinatorical nightmare nevermind the OOL implementation.  Perhaps after enough time with the project rattling around in my head……who knows.  I’m a semi-retired software developer but it was mostly database programming, I would have several learning curves to bend.

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    See this thread:


    If you still want the source, e-mail me at djnrempel on google’s famous email service.

  • You can turn off signature viewing in your profile settings.  So Jenn can make her sig 100 lines long, and I’d never even know it.

  • @gamerman01:

    You can turn off signature viewing in your profile settings.  So Jenn can make her sig 100 lines long, and I’d never even know it.

    Off topic?

  • @calvinhobbesliker:


    You can turn off signature viewing in your profile settings.  So Jenn can make her sig 100 lines long, and I’d never even know it.

    Off topic?

    No, it’s not.  Look down a few posts.

  • @gamerman01:



    You can turn off signature viewing in your profile settings.  So Jenn can make her sig 100 lines long, and I’d never even know it.

    Off topic?

    No, it’s not.  Look down a few posts.

    Ah, I see. What I’m annoyed at is when I tried to post my political beliefs in my sig, IL asked me to remove it or tone it down.

  • I turned off sigs and never looked back.  Cuts down a lot on the distractions, and the scrolling.  I have no idea what your political beliefs are, as a result.

    Because of this option to turn them off, IL should chill out about sigs.  People can block them easily, so why censor them?

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    Funny that there’s activity in this thread all of a sudden, because there’s been some work getting done on AACalc (not by me though) and it may be ready soonish and it may also move to a new address - hopefully here at if djensen would answer my PMs - wait, I haven’t checked, maybe he has replied.

    Anyway, as I said, the work has not been trivial. The sub rules nearly killed me the first time around, it is not a matter of “cut and paste” (PHP scripts are not just word documents).

    Funny thing re signatures - I really like the JFK one. I guess how offended you are by a sig depends if you are on the opposite end of the political spectrum.

    I’ve disabled the Game ID feature on AACalc because the save games were taking up space and it appeared it wasn’t really getting used.

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    A) Frood, awesome! 
    B) One thing I miss about calculators is it telling me what to expect to have left if I win. (So annoying to find out I should only have a bomber left just to kill an errant tank or something silly like that.)
    C)  re: Signatures.  I tend to only use quotes now.  And anyway, those all refer to the courts, an allegedly non-political entity of government…right?  Right??

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    Denny Crane is not a judge.

    However, in the states, you have elected judges. That means that, for good or ill, judicial decisions are shaped by what judges think the electorate will approve of.

    In Canada our judges are appointed by the government, not elected. This is less democratic, but it also gives judges greater freedom to apply the law rather than the political will of the people.

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