Need help with map

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          Scroll down to the bold text if u only want to know what I needed help with and dont care why and so on.

    Oki. where to start then.

    There is an old boardgames called “Axis and Allies”, its a boardgame reguarding WWII. There was a computergame created a few years back, but the game developers dint care jack sh*t about it. And it hade tons of errors, flaws and tons of buggs making the game crash and the developers dint really care 2 cents about fixing the problems with it.

    So since its a really nice game and loved game among board game players, a community and a source game was developt from free working people almost 3 years ago. And its been going really nice, and sofar the game is far greater then the buyable game itself that the company released.

    But now to the sad part, last week a sad e-mail came to the project. It was Hasbro who threathen to make a case of it and go to court with the matter if the source project was not taken down.

    So at the moment we need to redo all the troop images, redo the entire map and alot of other work.

    Actully relly sad that Hasbro is working against a community that actully is made because people love the game so much.
    Most people who are in the community have prob bought at least 2 Axis and Allies products. And a online computergame will never be replaced by a computergame. (Dont start to debate this matter, make a new thread if that is what u want to talk about. )

    Anyway…. now to the matter I needed help with.

    so… now to what I might need help with. Im not 100% sure that Im actully posting this in the right place. I might get flamed for that… Or maybe I wont. We are all differnt people and I love you all.

    Im trying to find a downloadable map of the entire world. (Pixel size dont really matter, Ill rezise it in photoshop later) Does not really have to be detailed, and by that I mean do not want information reguarding capital, land hight, population. It actully could be as simple as 2 colored. land/water.

    I could always go around taking screenshots of the maps on google and then puzzle it together and then do tons of work in photoshop. But prefered not to, if there is a simpler way to solv it.

    And my 2nd question is if anyone knows of a program or plugin that might help me simpefy a map if there are no maps like that anywhere to be found.

    Tnx in advance for all who took the time to read this post.

    Well I found a map, done some work on it… Still not done.

    If u are intrested about the project/game Come make us a visit.

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